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Irish Newbie!

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Hi Cara

I have never been to Mexico! Just fell in love with the place we had looked at Niagara Falls, Vegas (at times when it was getting too stressful lol) and the travel agent was trying to sway us towards Cyprus as thats her area where she would normally talk ppl into getting married but I just wasnt really interested in the idea. So Mexico here we come!


Kenmare is beautiful was only down there a few wks ago actually I love Kerry but it is so expensive here now its ridiculous. Weddings here at the moment are deposits on houses. Its unbelievable my fiances two sisters are getting married this year one got married in Spain in April and 70 of us travelled there and it was beautiful the weather was bad alright for a few days but it was a really nice few days. His other sister is getting married in Ireland and her bill alone for food and a bar extension is 10,000euro so I loved the idea always of making a holiday out of the day and for it to be celebrated for a few days, not just the one day and that be it.


Thankyou for the much appreciated advice also - once I am there I think and hope I will be able to chill out and no worrying or anything I think from that point on I will have to let it all go and relax!

Thanks again for the comment x


Originally Posted by Cara Gardner View Post
Hi Lenore,

congratulations for an exciting year ahead of planning and your eventual wedding in Mexico! Have you been there before? You're going to love it. My husband and I planned to have our wedding in Kenmare but had to eventually change plans because certain important people just couldn't make it on my side of the family. His dad and much of his family is from Ireland. It's so amazing to me that an Irish girl would travel thousands of miles to be married over here in Mexico when all I wanted was to have my wedding in Ireland!! Certainly now it would be impossible with the Euro/$ exchange rate, so I get why Mexico is perfect!


My husband is travelling to SW Ireland in a couple of weeks to lead a photography tour. Anyway, I can't go because of the euro situation but will pray to be able to return to your magical country some day soon!!


Also as a past bride and a wedding photographer, remember that your wedding is YOUR day and YOUR memories. Make it a point to take care of yourself and make certain that you feel happy and joyful. It's the best gift you can give yourself. I really emphasize this when I'm working with the couple on the wedding day. Relax, Enjoy, breath and savor the amazing moment.



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Thankyou - how is your planning coming along, do you think many ppl will be travelling for your big day from Scotland?! Are you going with a wedding package from the hotel or something else.........I know questions questions questions smile120.gif just so happy to find someone else who knows exactly how I feel lol


Originally Posted by blinkgrl119 View Post


Welcome to the forum!


We are going to get married at Moon Palace and come from Scotland - can't wait!

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Hey thanks for the comment, my family is big as in my dad has 10 brothers and sisters, my mom has 7 brothers and sisters, so including me and my sister on both sides there are 21 grandkids and that isnt including their kids now! So yeah the idea of having to pay for some ppl that I wouldnt even talk to if I passed them on the street doesnt appeal to me either. I would be close with some cousins and then not necessarily know maybe their siblings as well. This way the people I know who would love to go will and the ppl who are willing to travel that far and spend that money to spend our day with us - well I am willing to give those people a once in a lifetime trip. Some ppl would never even see that part of the world only for this kind of a chance you know what I mean?!


A little apprehensive about some things like little things like centerpieces and favours etc having to drag these things to the other side of the world and stuff like that. My head is like a whirlpool at the moment so much stuff to organize and do - in like 10 months! I used to be so organized too lol before i had my daughter 7 months ago - talk about a challenge but anyway I'll get there lol x


Originally Posted by redheaney View Post

As an Irish lass living here in the US... and trying to plan a DW over this side of the world (the idea of a 300+ at home just NEVER appealed to me!) If you need any help/suggestions, where I might better be able to help out rather than the experts here (who know exactly what they are talking about) please, don't hesitate to ask!


I've learned SO much here in my own, short membership. And every day... learning more... wink.gif

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