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I'm so bummed...job hunting sucks!

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OK, so I've finally started looking for a new job. I'm in sales now and hope to get a pharmaceutical sales job soon...I think I finally have enough experience. I have one degree and I am currently working on finishing my Biology degree and thought working for pharmaceutical company would be a great job, plus they make more money than I'm making now, not that money is everything, but that's besides the point.


I'm good at my sales job now, constantly exceeding sales goals and getting awards in the company, I've actually worked in a pharmacy so I have some pharmaceutical background. I finally completed my resume and thought it sounded good enough to start applying...of course after having several people proof read and give suggestions. I applied at one company tonight, a smaller company and thought I had a pretty good chance of possibly getting an interview. Guess what? Within five minutes, literally five minutes, I had an email in my inbox stating that I wasn't what they were looking for! WTF! How do they know that soon? I have lots of qualifications they are looking for and used lots of key words in my resume that are suggested. I'm so frustrated and discouraged that I am afraid to even apply anywhere else. What if I don't get another job? I am so unhappy in my current job that I can't even imagine having to stay there much longer!


FI helps so much and tells me that it is just one company and that I'll find a job that is perfect for me and not to give up. But I'm so sad!!


Sorry for the novel, but I just had to vent a bit!

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according to dh, who is currently looking for a sales position, pharm sales are quite difficult to get into now. my personal guess is that it's b/c all of the salespeople who left mortgages and other sales positions all ran to pharm sales.

keep your head up, tho, it'll come to you in due time!

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