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Making the right choice

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FI is so cute. I thought he was complete uninterested in wedding planning or what was involved. Well, I was wrong. He found an article in the Sunday paper about money saving tips for weddings. I had no idea it was there or that he had read it. Living | How to save money on your wedding | Seattle Times Newspaper


Last night he came into the bedroom and said “Sweetie I am so glad you donâ€t want a big wedding and prefer to get married barefoot in the sand…if I had to pay $3 a slice for someone to cut the cake or $10 a bottle for someone to open the champagne Iâ€d go nuts.†It was so cute. I guess the article, which was supposed to make you feel better about wedding costs, completely freaked him out. That moment just solidified any doubts we might have had about eloping.


Iâ€m so relieved. hug2.gif

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