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Ladies I can check one big, fat item off my list - We have booked our photographer for the wedding!!! I am so pleased to announce that BDW's own Nathaniel Thompson will be photographing our wedding next Valentine's Day in Zihuatanejo, Mexico!!!


After (sadly) not winning Nathaniel's amazing contest Dean and I were pretty sure that we wanted to work with NT. Sooooo....we started talking and everything worked out perfectly!!! His work is absolutely gorgeous and I know that we will have amazing pictures that I will treasure forever.


I am absolutely over the moon woot.gif

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Congratulations! I know exactly how excited and relieved you feel! Nathaniel is coming with us to Las Caletas to shoot our wedding just a few weeks before yours (Jan 20, 2009). Nathaniel has been so great to communicate with via email, his photos are so beautiful, and I love reading his blog because you can tell he really enjoy the photo shoots and loves what he does! It's so exciting to have him be a part of our whole wedding experience.


Very happy for you! Now you can relax a little bit! Congratulations again!

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Re: We've booked our Photographer!!!


Congrats Nikki!!! I can't wait to see your pics :) I still feel you are my date twin even though I changed it hehe

Awwww.....Jenny, we'll still be date twins 4ever!!!hug2.gif

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