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Anniversary gift

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I have been racking my brain trying to figure out what to get dh for our 25th anniversary. I wanted to give it to him at our vow renewal, well, not actually there, but when we are in Cabo. It finally dawned on me what to get him. Tell me what you all think.


He is into Nascar big time as I am. So, I was thinking of getting him a pair of tickets to go to the Nascar race in Dallas the end of October beginning of Nov. There is a 4-day race from trucks to Nascar. Then I was also going to give him a certificate to the Driving school they have there where they can drive an actual Nascar car so many laps around the track depending on what package I get him.


What do you all think? Any Dallas ladies familiar with these activities? If you have any more info can you PM it. I am so excited. He will never guess this one. He always can guess what I am going to get him for whatever occasion it happens to be. I figured he could have a boy's weekend and take our 21 y/o son with him.


Let me hear what you all think of this

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I LOVE that idea!!! And I'm sure he will too! And you're right...he'll NEVER guess that one! I've had some friends that have gone to that, as well as to the driving school and they've done nothing but rave about it! You could also come up with some fun ways of giving the gift to him...get a few smaller packages...in one have a toy airplane...the 2nd a map of the Dallas area...and then maybe another with a nascar hot wheels in it! See if he can guess with them all put together! hehehehe




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