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Couples Swept Away, Jamaica - our wedding review

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The wedding day

We picked an 11 am time for our ceremony so that we’d have bright sun for our photos, not be affected by possible afternoon showers, and well, to be in honest, I didn’t want to hand around waiting all day! hehe. We had a full schedule too.


The ceremony was beautiful, short and sweet. They’d posted “wedding in progress” signs and kept the onlookers back. The waves gently crashed and the sun was shining bright. It was a perfect day.

After our kiss, we walked back down the aisle to where a table was set with our sand vases. We did our short sand ceremony and the signing.


After lots of hugs and a quick group photo on the beach, we headed to the garden for our little champagne and cake reception. Here they gave us cool towels and served little fruit and cheese kabobs, which was a surprise. We’d picked Jamaican rum/spice cake and it was delicious. My sister in-law is celiac and can’t eat cake, so they brought her a huge plate of fruit. We did the cake cutting and toast, and sat for a bit. They played the rest of my CD with Bob Marley in the background.


After a time there, we went back to the beach to do our photos. Here is where I should mention our photographers. We had Paula and Damian from Sungold Photography in Negril come and shoot our wedding. They were a super couple and we ended up with over 700 images on DVD. They were so amazing I’ll write a vendor review about them. We were so happy with our photos (and I'm not even photogenic.. hehe) We`re so glad we didn`t use the resort photographers there. We had to pay a vendor fee and guest pass fees, but it was well worth it. They took photos of us with our guests, and tons of just the 2 of us.


We had a short break where we changed into bathing suits and just married t-shirts, then met up with everyone on the beach for the catamaran cruise at 3:00pm. This is included in the stay of the resort, so we thought it would be a fun thing to do on our wedding day. The photographers came along as well. It was so much fun. We went to Pirates Cave where we could swim and use the slide. Some people jump off the cliff. Rum punch was served and music played. After awhile there we headed back, just as the sun was thinking about setting.


Back at the resort we waited for everyone else to disembark the cat then took a groups shot before I did the bouquet toss off the side to the ladies in the water.

We took sunset pictures on the beach and it was about 6pm when we were done and the photographers left us for the day.


Our day was incredible, and the resort was fabulous. No regrets at all. We`d had some trouble reaching our WC before we went, until really close to our departure date, but once we were there she was nothing short of amazing. All the staff there was so wonderful.

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Thank you so much for such a detailed review for CSA!


I think we will go with Couples Swept Away or possibly Couples Negril and you have given one of the most helpful reviews that I have seen so far. It was also good to see that you had great service from Sun Gold. I love their work. Yours were beautiful!


BTW - Were any of your guests, single? If so, how does the resort handle that?

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Great review! Did you post it on the Couples website as well? I swear I've seen those pictures before! LOL!


I'll be getting married at CSA in 2 months and too have had some trouble reaching the coordinator. If I send a list of 3 questions, I get an answer to 1, 3 days later!


I'm glad to see that everything worked so well and you were able to enjoy a relaxing trip!

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Fantastic Review! I really love CSA, it's such a laid back beautiful resort!


For singles there are a few rooms with double beds-no problem mon!


The WC's here do such a wonderful job, they really love what they do!

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