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ROR- Pics and Review!

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Agape Gems
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    Posted 22 April 2008 - 11:49 PM

    Originally Posted by almost_engaged
    Did you do a TTD session? Didn't see mention of it but I thought that I would ask.
    YES! We did! I'm dying to see the photos. We didn't go as sexy as I was hoping b/c we had an audience- both mothers and lots of random beach goers who were taking their own pics. I'm probably posted all over someones myspace page already.

    Originally Posted by starryeyedbride2b
    Had to make one more comment...I'm not really into dresses with much decor on them, but I keep looking at your dress! It is very pretty and it looked perfect on you! Almost makes me wish I had considered something like that!
    Thanks! This was the 1st dress I tried on and I knew it was the 1.

    Originally Posted by JamaicaBride062108
    It looked perfect! I'm so glad you had such a great time! You'll have to send me directions for your orchid strands, I'm going to "borrow" your idea!
    The orchid strands were really easy to make, just very time consuming. You need the type of silk flowers where the center part pops out. They sell them at Hobby Lobby. I also found some at Walmart but they didn't have orchids. You just pop out the center, string the flower onto fishing line, then push the center back into place. That locks the fishing wire into the center of the flower. I put 10 orchids on each strand, and each strand was about 9 feet long. when I finished them I slid all the flowers to the end of string, then wrapped the string around my hand to make a circle and used a binder clip to hold the string in place so that they wouldn't get tangled up. Sorta like how you wrap-up christmas lights. One tip- pull out the center of each flower as you need it. I pulled them all out and just assumed that they were all the same size- not so, some of the center peices are bigger than others. I had a ton left over since they only hung about 15 of the 48 that i made but i never got them back. Maybe chandlyn still has them.... I can't take credit for this idea though. I got the idea and instructions from another BDW bride and I'm so sorry that I can't remember who you are but THANKS!

    Originally Posted by starryeyedbride2b
    Question: What store did you buy your flowers from? Are they actually silk, or are they real/true touch?

    Someone else asked already, but does your mom do arrangements for other people?

    Flowers are one of my biggest issues right now...
    The hanging flowers were silk, the hair flowers were real touch, and my bouquet was a combination of both.

    Yes, she does! If anyone is interested her email address is
    fantastic. Everything looked great. We have the same sand photo album How did it work for you. Was the picture already in the frame? again Beautiful.
    Thanks, I attached the pic ahead of time to the second pane of glass and we poured the sand between the 3rd and 4th pane. This way I can change the picture anytime I want without touching the sand. I put clear packing tape over the openings that i didn't want sand in and it worked great. Only thing is about 4 days after the wedding i noticed some of the sand on one side looked lower and I realized it was slowly leaking out of one corner. So I poured the sand out and I'm going to put hot glue on the sides of the glass and then slide them back into place and we will repour the sand. I'm not that sentimental so it didn't bother me to pour it out and I had plenty of extra sand to redo it. Also, you may want to explain to the FI how to pour the sand if you want a specific design.

    Originally Posted by Shenmaat
    Welcome back and congrats! I do have tons of questions also

    Did you do your makeup yourself?
    I love your dress where did you get it?
    How many guests did you have and how were the tables at Mamee Bay setup?

    Congrats again!
    Makeup- BM did my makeup. We went to MAC counter and she watched and we bought some of the stuff they used and then she jut replicated what they did. I wish I had worn a lipstick with more color b/c the sun made it look like I didn't have any on- oh well

    Dress- Got it from New Natalies in Atlanta but it's by Mary's Bridal. Also comes in white with silver beading. Only $599
    Thanks so much for posting your review!!! Now, for even MORE questions.......lol

    Did you use the videographer on the resort?

    You mentioned that it was pretty hard to hear your wows because you weren't mic'd. Is there an additional charge to have a mic during your ceremony?

    Did the steel band take requests? was there rum punch or champagne served following your wedding?

    Do you have any reception pics?

    What other music did the disco play?
    thanks again for the pond gazebo pics!!!
    Didn't use the videographer- long story that I will post tomorrow about all the drama I encountered re:photoshop. I had 1 guest who had a video camera with them so i just asked him to video for me. I haven't watched it yet, but I didn't care all that much about the video, i really just got it for family that couldn't be there.

    Not sure about the mic. I thought that was standard practice so i didn't even think about it until we were standing there. When our room got upgraded we got a suite that overlooked the beach gazebo so I watched lots of weddings the next week and most of them had mic's and i could hear them on my balcony.

    I didn't make any requests, too busy taking pics but i'm sure they do. Everyone in Jamaica is accommodating. Nothing like being in the US!

    There was rum punch- free, and the 2 bottles of champaign that are free can be served whereever you request. I had them at Mammee bay.

    No recep pics yet, but i will post them as soon as I get some.

    DJ played all the standard stuff- electric slide, cha cha slide, cupid shuffle (but I asked for that to get everyone out on the dance floor) then he played a mix of old school jams and current radio stuff. He took requests and was really nice. He did the bouquet toss and garter toss when we requested it.
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    Posted 22 April 2008 - 11:51 PM

    Congratulations!!! you look so beautiful and everything turned out great!

    #53 michelle08

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      Posted 22 April 2008 - 11:54 PM

      Your pics are awesome...thanks for sharing and congrats! :)

      P.S. where did you get your sand ceremony frame...??

      #54 Agape Gems

      Agape Gems
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        Posted 23 April 2008 - 12:00 AM

        Originally Posted by michelle08
        Your pics are awesome...thanks for sharing and congrats! :)

        P.S. where did you get your sand ceremony frame...??
        Thank you thank you! I got the frame from Kohls. I think it was $12ish
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        #55 Sandra E.

        Sandra E.
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          Posted 23 April 2008 - 12:04 AM

          Awesome pictures! congratulations!

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            Posted 23 April 2008 - 12:34 AM

            You look beautiful! I love the hanging orchids! Congratulations on a beautiful wedding!

            #57 Agape Gems

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              Posted 23 April 2008 - 12:53 AM

              few more thoughts- take bug spray! I got eaten alive by mosquitos.

              I think the rum is watered down b/c i drank all day and never had as much as a buzz. my guests that drank mixed drinks instead of frozen were drunk though.

              be sure to ask about the room upgrade. at 1st we thought it would be annoying to have to pack our stuff and move but it was worth it once we saw the room. We booked a junior suite and were on the 5th floor- rm 1440 and the room was nice but our balcony was a purple cement wall so when we sat down all we could see was the sky. Every couple of rooms on the top floor are like that.

              Bring lots of small bills for tipping. Its damn near impossible to get change at the resort and if they do give you change its in Jamaican dollars and of course you don't get the correct exchange rate.
              The porters at the Jamaican airport will directly ask for a tip.

              We befriended one of the bartenders and he took us site seeing on his day off. It was the best time. We went all around the city, to fern gully, some kind of gardens, and then to the Bob Marley house way up in the mountains. He told us that the bartenders are only paid $80 a week so they really depend on tips.

              Excursions- we did dunns river, canopy tour, and beach horseback riding. I highly recommend them all.
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                Posted 23 April 2008 - 03:18 AM

                Wow you look amazing!!!! I LOVE your orchids! Can't wait to see the rest!

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                  Posted 23 April 2008 - 05:37 AM

                  Congratulations! you look beautiful and I love the hanging flowers.

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                    Posted 23 April 2008 - 05:55 AM

                    Great review! Everything looked so beautiful...congrats!!

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