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heidi, they look amazing! alex is gonna freak out! you are SO pretty!

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Aww.... thanks guys for all your nice comments! I'm having such a hard time keeping this a secret from Alex so it's nice to share w/ you guys... I'm horrible with secrets like this, but I'm looking forward to his reaction in Mexico when he gets them. I think he'll be floored b/c it will sooo unexpected and b/c it's so unlike me! Haha... he's used to seeing me in flannel pjs all the time :)



Originally Posted by kleslie5 View Post
Wow, Heidi!!! Those are all soooo beautiful! Where did you get them done? My fave is the one in the pink bra!
I got them done in Toronto. Judy Cormier was the photographer. I drove to Toronto w/ a friend for the night and we stayed w/ my friends' sister... told Alex it was a weekend shopping trip :)

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