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SunBride's professional photos!

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Thanks for all the compliments!


I got the bridesmaid's necklaces at Xcetera is Canada, it's a really cheap jewelry store (sells costume jewelry, not real stuff, like everything under 15$ type of store). I thought they were a great find even if they won't last forever. I got mine (similar but slightly different.) at Stitches, which is a cheap clothing store in Canada. It was also 10$. Perhaps some of the stores around you will have some this summer. Keep an eye out at all places that sell cheap jewelry (unless that is you want something better quality).

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Originally Posted by shorty View Post
does anyone know of a good photographer in the cancun areahuh.gif
this probably isn't the best place to ask such a question. Check out the mayan riviera sub-forum, there is lots of talk about photographers (and other vendors) there. Look over a few pages worth of the most recent threads and you should find lost. Also you can do a search of that sub-forum for "photographer". There are many many brides who have asked the exact same question as you.

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