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Starfish Passing Thread

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]It'sfinallyhere (Heidi's)Blue starfish list




1. Jacqueline (imppearl) Punta Cana - Jan. 3 - Jan. 10

2. Nicole (beachgirl) Punta Cana - Jan 10. - Jan. 17

3 Dee (mwcfarms) Dreams Puerto Aventuras Mayan Riviera - Feb.21 - Mar.6

4. Dee (mrsgtobe) Grand Cayman - Apr 10 - Apr. 18

5. Crystal (crystal & David) = Sandals Whitehouse - May 1 - May 8

6. Lindsey (sammysgirl) Playa del Carmen - May 14 - May 21


Hi Ladies, Well here is an undated list of my starfish. Angela has finished with him as he is now on his way to Jacqueline!

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Hey Ladies,


I love this thread...just have found it! Could I be added to this list for our July 3 - 10th wedding in Punta Cana? I would love to be a part of this!


Please let me know if this would work. Should I be PM'ing someone?


dc22173's clear starfish line-up:

1 ) meli122 - November 7 - Royal, Playa del Carmen

2 ) EDRBride2009- November 26 - El Dorado Royale

3 ) TCIbride - December 12 - Turks & Caicos

4 ) kpuckrin- January 12 - BlueBeard's Beach, St. Thomas

5 ) ebredhawk - April 28 - Dreams Punta Cana

6 ) ldeavila - May 10 - Las Caletas, Puerto Vallarta

7 ) future mrs. kt ellis - June 5 - Scottsdale, AZ

8 ) *kerin28* - June 19 - Worcester, MA

9) Bahiabride2010 - July 3 - Punta Cana

9 ) breeze616 - December 10 - Iberostar Rose Hall Beach, Montego Bay



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Originally Posted by kpuckrin View Post
Okay...so I've heard from TCI Bride. She is back from her wedding and has mailed the starfish out so it is now on it's way to me. Woohoo! I can't wait to receive it.
Yea!!! I think I'm after you! I'm so glad that it's still in circulation!!

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ktnicole, I am pretty sure there are post pictures of the starfish you may just have to search a little for them.. Also I am sure someone will be able to fit you onto their list but we have to know your date first wink.gif

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