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Nov 08 brides

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Oh I forgot.. I also ordered OOT stuff from OTC and a luau website. I don't have final numbers yet, but I figure 24 is a good average so I based what I bought on that number.. especially since OTC stuff is sold in dozens. Heh.


And an FYI.. I have NEVER scrapbooked before. I have no idea how creative I can/will be so this is going to be a huge different project for me to accomplish.. hopefully it doesn't look too cheesy.. haha

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Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek View Post
my bags weren't from cheaptotes, they were from ingreetings.com. you get the bags and the printing all for 2.50 per bag. this is the site Full Color Heat Transfer Imprinting i ordered the 15x15 white canvas totes.

Carrie a $1 per bag to be screen printed is really good, you got a whole bunch of family connections. thats great
I'm trying to talk him into getting on the forum! I gave him the link and he looked around. I'll post pics of my bags once they are done. I figure he can work up some price that is good for everyone and maybe do some printing for all the brides to be. He has his own equipment but no "official" business yet.

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:This is what Iâ€ve done so far:


*** Booked Location at Dreams Resort for Nov 14, 2008 @ 4pm

***Finalized Ceremony Time start from 4 to 4:45

***Finalized reception area

***STD's have been sent

***Purchase airline tickets for my family

***OOT bags and all the stuff that goes inside:

-Sun Block, Chapstick, Hand sanitizer, Hand Lotion, Emergency Kit, tea bags,

Medicine, Gum, Candy, wedding pens and pocket note pads

***Printed 3 word puzzle and E-scavenger Hunt

***Order Dress

***Booked Videography

***Received dress on May 19, must get it fitted and ironed.

***booked DJ


IN PROCESS: Remaining items: NEED TO DO:



***Lose weight

***Decorate Unity Candle

***Finish wedding guest album

***Finish flowers cones

***Find FH a tie and shoes

***Welcome letter

***hair and make-up trial

***buy summer clothes for FH and I

***buy my wedding band

***(maybe) finish cd/downloading music

***finish paying for trip

***finish paying for photographer

***finalize decorations at dinner/reception

***buy FH gift (Bulova watch) was going to to BD pics but changed my mind

***luggage tags

***(maybe) buy polariod guest book

***pick menu and make menu cards

***get teeth whitened

***Finalized reception

***Purchase wedding accessories: Parasols, flip flops, Chinese Laterns, sparklers etc

***Send out invitations

***Make programs

***Make seating cards

***Make booklets for OOT bags - weekend guide

***Put together music list

***Purchase Grooms clothes

***Purchase Grooms gift

***Purchase gift for BM, MOH

***Purchase bridal under garments

***Purchase luggage for all this stuff

***Finalize flowers

***Most importantly finalize ceremony including readings

and much more.


***BM dresses

***table runners

***Honeymoon plans

***Ceremony Music

***Groomsman Attire

***newsletter update b/c of location change

***book group activity

***shoes / jewlery

***lingerie for honeymoon

***buy candles / glasses for candles



GRR I'm getting kinda nervous with all the remaining items i still need to do

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My new mantra is One day at a time...one thing at a time.


I went to the doctor to tell her how frazzled I felt all the time, she said make a list and make your goal to be one thing to get done at a time. It can get overwhelming!

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I got started on stuff right away while I was on Mat leave so I wouldn't get frazzled trying to do it all after going back to work. I am so glad I started early, since I still have a lot to do, but I have a lot done. Well, I have to go and get measured to order my dress and my daughters dress now!!! One more thing to tick off.

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Just paid off the trip, yikes that hurt! I think I am in pretty good shape. Got my response envelopes printed. The invitation envelopes are giving me a problem in the printer, they are getting stuck. any suggestions? I had to order more.

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Crossed two things off my list last night - went for my first fitting and found my veil! My sister (MOH) got her dress so that is another thing done!


I also found this great site for cups with a custom logo - Spirit Supply Store. You only have to order a minimum of 50 and they are $1.30 each with free shipping and your logo on both sides.


I will let you know how those turn out!

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that's really trip for customized cup, esp with the logo on both sides. great deal.


steph - do you feel great paying off the trip? My final payment is due Sept 5th, im still trying to decide how to pay it.

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