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Nov 08 brides

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Hi girls. lets see where do i start...


Stephanie your dress fits you perfectly. I love the neckline looks great on your figure. You look gorgeous, I cant believe you were worried about not feeling beautiful on your wedding day. You are Beautiful!!!! dont forget that!


Lisa i'm sorry about Jasons dad. But i'm glad the surgery went well. I saw your planning thread. I love love your dress. it's perfect for your wedding.


Michelle. great pics from your bachlorette. your makeup and hair look great.


Amy you look so pretty in your pics with your hair.


Celina great makeup. Great bachlorette pics

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Lisa - Sorry to hear about the surgery, but you are right about the fact that it is over now. Too bad it had to happen right before the wedding though.


Steph - You look great in that dress. It won't be long until we get to see the wedding pics with you wearing it!!!


Celina - Glad to hear you had a great time! Your make-up looks great too.


Michelle & Amy - Both of your hair styles look great!


So we didn't end up going paintballing on the weekend. It was really cold with a really strong wind, and then it started snowing. We decided it would be better to wait on the paintballing, so we went bowling instead. I took the kids with us and Hailey got 3rd in both games of the 10 pin bowling. She got to use this little ramp thing that she just pushed the ball down. Then we went back to my friends and watched a couple movies. My next shower is on the 8th, and I think there may be more of a party after that one.

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Lisa, I totally love your dress..it looks awesome on you!


Celina your makeup turned out great and the pink wig is hilarious. I wish I would have thought of wigs for my bachelorette because we used to do that back in the day just for shits and giggles..ha



It's getting so close it's so sad to know that a lot of you guys will be gone when I may need my full support group as it's getting closer and I'm worrying about this and that and stressing about everything girl_werewolf.gif :)


So, FI is so busy at work lately that after our legal ceremony on Friday he may have to go back to work. I don't know weather to be pissed or not. He needs to work more to make money I know he's stressing because they haven't been as busy and money is tight when we need it most..and part of me wants to not make a big deal of it because I want Mexico to feel like our "real" wedding day so we''ll see. Would it be too cheesy to just wear jeans to our legal ceremony though?? I mentioned a dress and he was like..I'll probably be just wearing jeans because I'll have to go back to work afterwards.....hmmmm...interesting..I left the house and went to yoga after that to think it over before I became bridezilla :)

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I must say that I was prepared to wear jeans and a t-shirt to our legal day, but then when I saw people posting pics here of their legal days, I decided I could wear a dress. I am not one to wear dresses very often, so I figured our legal day would be a good time to wear one. Afterwards we went for supper, but our witnesses came from out of town to be there with us. I know that there have been a bunch of people on BDW that went their separate ways after the legal ceremony whether for work or other plans.


If he has to go to work afterwards, could the two of you have a nice supper later on? Or what if you set up a nice dinner for 2 at home with candles and stuff for when he got home?

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Good mornin Ladies!


Erica - tell Hailey she rocks! rockon.gif My son loves that ramp thing too at the bowling alley. He tells me he "needs" to go bowling. He is funny!


Awww Amy - maybe you can have a nice dinner on Friday or enjoy a great breakfast together? I have no idea what we are doing. I have no idea what I am wearing either!


FI is really excited for Friday, but I'm not as excited as he is. I think we'll probably go to a nice lunch since we will be downtown. And then I am having myself a drink!! Ha ha! Let the cocktails and vacation begin! Woo-Hooo!


OH YEAh...Amy...I'll be back before you leave ~ you won't be alone on your last days! smile03.gif

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Hey Ladies,


I just found this thread..


OMG...we leave in about14 days....I still have so many things to do.....smile105.gif


Okay, here is what I have done so far...


*** Booked Location at Dreams Resort for Nov 14, 2008 @ 4pm

***Finalized Ceremony Time start from 4 to 4:45

***Finalized reception area

***Bought vacation package for us (Bride and groom)

***STD's have been sent

***Purchase airline tickets for my family

***OOT bags and all the stuff that goes inside:

-Sun Block, Chap stick, Hand sanitizer, Hand Lotion, Emergency Kit, tea bags,

Medicine, Gum, Candy, wedding pens and pocket note pads

***Printed 3 word puzzle and E-scavenger Hunt

***Order Dress

***Booked Videography

***Received dress on May 19, must get it fitted and ironed

***Bought candles / glasses for candles

***Finished Luminaries Bags

***Order & received stamps

***Brought wedding bands

***Purchase bridal under garments

***Purchase snorkeling gear

***Purchase water shoes

***Purchased BM gifts

***Register at Fortunoff and Bed-bath-beyond

***finished invitation

***Finished Raffia fans

***Finish flowers cones

***Decorate Unity Candle

***Finish wedding guest album

***started Bare foot sandals

***Send out invitations

***Decide on hair/makeup

***bought wedding shoes & jewelry

***bought favors

***finished welcome letter/postcard from Visitaprint

***finalize decorations at dinner/reception

***Purchase wedding accessories: Parasols, Chinese Laterns

***Finalize flower choices/centerpieces

***Make seating cards

***luggage tags

***(maybe) buy Polaroid guest book

***pick menu and make menu cards

***get teeth whitened

***Finalized reception

***BM dresses

***table runners

***Honeymoon plans

***Ceremony Music

***Confirmed appt for hair, nails, and makeup at spa

***lingerie for honeymoon

***decide on bridal flowers

***flower clip for hair

***book group activity for 11/15/08 & 11/16

***Decide on cake style

***bought various sun dresses

***bought make-up

***make a timeline for guests of all the events


IN PROCESS: Remaining items: NEED TO DO:


***Lose weight

***Find FH a tie and shoes

***buy summer clothes for FH and I

***finish paying for trip

***finish paying for photographer

***Make booklets for OOT bags - weekend guide

***Put together music list

***Purchase Grooms clothes

***Purchase Grooms gift

***Purchase gift for BM, MOH

***Groomsman Attire

***groomsmen gifts

***Look for FI's suit

***Gifts for parents

***Dress alterations

***Create slideshow for reception

***Finalize itinerary/excursions

***planned ceremony music-

***order postcards for OOT bags

***buy thank you cards

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amy, i'll be back before you leave too, so between celina and myself we should be able to cover any support you need rolleyes.gif


and, i wore jeans and a sweater to my legal day, oh and flip flops. it was SOO not a big deal. I didn't even let Joe kiss me when the judge told him to. i said "no we have to save that for mexico"


i miss you girls lately, things are getting so crazy! hope you are all doing well!


Oh celina! your make up looks awesome!

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Amy maybe you could do like Erica suggested and have a nice dinner later. it sucks he has to go back to work but he cant help that. I come back on the 10th so i'll be back to support you too.


We are all going to have the most perfect weddings. i think we've all been a little crazy, stressed, nervous whatever you want to call it but everything will work out for us.

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Just a quick note to say I am thinking about you guys and I hate that these last busy days have left not much time to log in and chat!!


I agree about the legal day, really was not big deal. I did wear a dress but that was cuz we went out to dinner after to a nice place. I like the nice bfast idea!


Tara, when do you leave?

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I'm sitting at work going crazy today. I have cabin fever in a bad way!


We leave on Thursday morning! OMG! I want to go home and pack and relax.


So, do any of you girls have silk dresses? I just finally put it together that my dress is silk, and will probably be see through if it gets wet.... a la TTD

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