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Updo pics posted in the gallery...

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#11 Adamsgrrl

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    Posted 22 January 2007 - 02:26 PM

    I love the first picture!! so pretty especially with the broach.

    I also always wear my hair down becasue my FI likes it that way.... long and straight.

    when I go to the salon, hes always like.. okay so your gonna get a trim right? or my favorite, "you should grow your hair longer?" Longer?? its already past way past my sholders... I don't think he comprehends how long it takes to wash, blow dry, straightend.. etc.

    but, he actually suggested that I have my hair up for the wedding, go figure.

    I think I might put some flowers in my hair that macth his boutennire. We'll see.

    #12 anaderoux

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      Posted 22 January 2007 - 11:58 PM

      Originally Posted by Nrvsbride
      Thanks! I had to harass my FI to do it b/c I have not a clue how to even scan a pic. This pic is of us in college and he was so mad b/c he has long sideburns (he was going through a rocker phase) and doesn't look like that anymore. He was like "can't you find one where I look better? I don't want to become a new thread called "What's up with Glenda's FI's side burns?". I was literally peeing on myself when he said this. Just shows you that guys pretend like they don't care what we're doing on our little bridal sites, but then they get all into it as well.

      lol!! Glenda my FI is just like yours.. when I first showed him the forum he saw the picture I had and he was like what!!! we have better pictures.. and I just had one on my display and he said.. why does that girl has a big picture and yours is so small.. and he made me change it hahahahaha so cute!!

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