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St Thomas Review of Visit...very long and detailed!

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Hey guys,


Sorry, Ive been back a week, but of course as a doctor they load your shifts and I had to work like every day since I got back...time to give you the scoop!!!


If you want it ALL...here it is..and it is LONG but honest...get ready!!!!


Im using Angela at Paridise Bridal Consultants. (LOVE TO YOU ANGELA)


I went on a cruise that we were planning anyway and wanted to meet with Angela on our passing in St. Thomas, but she was on vacation, so we met with her parents...who are completely involved as she in in the wedding consulting.


I was a bit worried about not meeting Angela herself...but OMG, her parents work with her 100% and know EVERYTHING about the wedding planning details that really, I felt as she was there.....they were AWESOME!!!


First off, we pulled into port...OMG how Beautiful is St. Thomashuh.gifhuh.gif We went to Aruba, Curaco, St. Maarten, then St. Thomas...and I have been to St. Lucia, Barbatos, Grand Camen, Cozumel, Keys, and some others I dont remember...but OMG St Thomas always blows me away with the views!


Why we chose St. Thomas...


We have now been on 3 cruises...#1- East Caribbean... #2...S. Caribbean..got engaged on Cruise from Purito Rico to St. Thomas....#3...now to re -visit, we wanted to do Western Caribbean, but now knew we loved St Thomas and we got engaged sailing there...so it was a must and we wanted to meet the wedding coordinator...Western Carribean will have to wait!!!


.....St. Thomas...as US virgin Island...means No passport, english, US dollars, great shopping, shorter flight...that is why we also chose here.

And we got engaged coming here before..as above


I told you this was long....still with mehuh.gif


Ok...got off the ship...Angela's parents were there waiting for us. at the dock..since Angela was on vacation they were going to take us around....little did I know I was going to have a PERSONAL TOUR GUIDE...seriously they were so awesome, told me history, stories you would NEVER get from a tour guide...and her dad was so informative, he took us to placed "just for us" to pass by and get pics...


This was not on the agenda..they did this for us..took us to multiple historic and lookout places "as we are passing by" and told us history and their history. as husband and wife and Angela..seriously was so meaningful you wouldnt belive it


Down to buisness, what you all want to know


Wyndham-.....great resort, old rooms, but ok to deal with I think from passing by them. Beautiful resort. They have a kids club and an AI. Problem is....walk is difficult to the beach or pool if you have some elderly people in your group...if we were all in our 20's to 40's...sure, but really having a shuttle take you to the beach or pool is a bit of a pain, and when you want to get to the shuttle to take you up, you have to meet down the hill...but it is a big slope for me and I run 5 miles when I work out...


ANOTHER GREAT THING ....Angela's mom..walked with us the whole way...there are '99' steps...but we took the shuttle..quicker really...but she walked every other path..she was awesome


Met with the WC of Whydam....money money money..yeah, will plan it all, worry free, but seriously....too much buisness. I have to admit, I have been through this before...and you can tell those who care and dont ...we inquired about doing a reception there after a beach wedding...they wouldnt even consider Angela to do the reception decorations all...when her brother had one last year there..they are cracking down.



Overall Whyndam- Great resort, beautiful views, old rooms, NOT for disabled unless your willing to take shuttle to beach or pool...and WC there will not let you use outside help "unless it is of his own list"...



Mariott- Couldnt get into b/c someone 'bought out' the resort..sux for us b/c we wanted to really see it..I have some pics from what I could get


Ritz...Good God Amazing.....On a HILL like every St Thomas resort..but the stairs were not as steep, they had them spaced out...


Ok i seriously dont know where to start...Obviously the most eye appealing, but more than that...I walked in, they took my hand and treated me like royalty....they took me to the spa, every area in the campus...They do not have Jet Ski's as the Whyndam does...but OMG, they have the reception area's up the butt...They have multiple outside and inside areas that are amazing for a reception...we are booking them now for that..no matter where our guest stay...tiki lights..awesome.


My only regret is I didnt get to see Frenchmans Marriott...I think that is where I would book if I could see it...I told the manager that this was important, and a big party could come in,he still refused.....I think it would be great...but how do you refuse such a party?


Im not sure how to post pics on here...I have TONS of pics from St. Thomas, Magens Bay, and all the sites...



I can say:...St Thomas was the right choice...Angela and her family ....AWESOME!!!!


I cannot believe how awesome they are..and her dad owes me a fish fry....trust me Angela...I'll hold your dad to this one!! :)


you guys are great...!!!!


Amanda and Ron

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Super report. I know the Ritz is very expensive if you want to stay there, but how were the reception prices? Are they more willing to work with you in ways the Wyndham would not? (your own planner, ceremony at a different location?) The beach at the Ritz is absolutely beautiful as well. Not too far away from the Ritz is Lindqvist beach, one of the most beautiful beaches on the island, which you might also consider.


To be honest, I've never really liked Magen's Bay beach. Of course the crowds are a deterrant, but also, since it's a protected cove, it gets very very hot there, with almost no breezes. One good thing about Magen's is there's a place, Udder Delight, right at the head of the road leading to Magen's that has the most phenomenal ice cream shakes.


Angela's folks seem like wonderful people. What a special treat for you. You will find some of the most wonderful helpful people down there.


Thanks for sharing your experiences.

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Originally Posted by IslandLover View Post
ANOTHER GREAT THING ....Angela's mom..walked with us the whole way...there are '99' steps...but we took the shuttle..quicker really...but she walked every other path..she was awesome

aww i got engaged on top of those 99 steps!! glad to heaer everything went well..

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Wonderful report! Tho I don't personally know Angela, wedding companies of this nature are always willing to go that extra mile for their couples! A far cry from going thru a hotel.

Thanks for sharing!


To post pics you have to upload your pics to places like flickr.com or others, then up load the properties to this sight putting url and then put at the end. Hope this helps!

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awesome! i am getting married on st john but we are staying in st thomas i would love to see some pictures of the wyndham if you have any.

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Great review, Islandlover, thank you! The Ritz wounds awesome!...we're only having about 13 people total, including the two of us, so I doubt we'd go this route, but sure sounds great!


I'd love to see pics!!

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