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Father-Daughter Song: Idea!

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After having a super hard time searching for a spanish father-daughter song, I gave up and came up with: Stylistics - You Make Me Feel Brand New.



My love

I'll never find the words, my love

To tell you how I feel, my love

Mere words could not explain

Precious love

You held my life within your hands

Created everything I am

Taught me how to live again


Only you

Cared when I needed a friend

Believed in me through thick and thin

This song is for you

Filled with gratitude and love


God bless you

You make me feel brand new

For God blessed me with you

You make me feel brand new

I sing this song cause you

Make me feel brand new


My love

Whenever I was insecure

You built me up and made me sure

You gave my pride back to me

Precious friend

With you I'll always have a friend

You're someone who I can depend

To walk a path that never ends


Without you

My life has no meaning or rhyme

Like notes to a song out of time

How can I repay

You for having faith in me




So 2 questions:


1) Are the lyrics nice enough for a father-daughter song or does it seem more like a couples song?


2) I really like this song (makes me tear up EVERY TIME), but my mom is crazzyyyy about it. So I thought it would be nice to have FI bring my mom 1/2 way through to trade partners, then some of BP goes out to dance as well, like an official start to the dancing part of the reception??


What do you think?

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sorry to hijack, but do you guys know of a slow big band song that my dad and I can dance to...it has to be slow though since he's getting up there in age...

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