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Guilty Pleasure House Cleaning

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I hated (maybe that is too harsh)..I avoided cleaning before I started selling Norwex. It is an environmentally, healthy conscience way to clean. I use one cloth with water to clean every surface of my house leaving it 99.94% bacteria free!

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I like organizing rather than cleaning - like alphabetizing my spices and canned goods, and putting my closet and shoes in color categories and from longest to shortest. embarrest.gif

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Originally Posted by MoWife View Post
I HATE cleaning! I just spent all day today avoiding housework. My husband works the 3-11 shift and I bet you at 10:30 tonight I will be running around vacuuming and doing laundry so it doesn't look like I wasted my whole day!

Ha Ha Ha...I do the SAME THING!! FI works 4:30-3am and I wait until the kids are in bed to clean up. When he leaves I wave him out the door then I veg out! I watch Oprah, anything on TLC - Bridezilla...make a half-ass dinner for the kids. Then come 11:00 at night I'm up mopping the floor, running the dishwasher.

I LOVE doing yardwork (if that's considered house cleaning). I LOVE to pull weeds! It is so theraputic.

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