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Most Amazing Wedding EVER at Cabo Surf!

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#1 ncainey

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    Posted 10 April 2008 - 11:16 PM

    I started my wedding review yesterday but it took me a long time and erased all of it! Therefore, I know I can do it in word but I may just do two or three posts. First I'd like to say that having a destination wedding was the BEST decision of my life. I am still amazed at how unbelievable it turned out. I have no regrets and while I'm sad it's over, there really isn't anything I would change! I'll try to recap and give reviews of the vendors I worked with. No grades because I'm a teacher so I do it all the time but I think you'll figure out how I feel about people!

    Cabo Surf- I cannot stress enough how wonderful this place was. Let's just say I have been a little high maintenance as a bride but Armando and his crew took it all in stride. The people who work there could not have been nicer. They will bend over backwards for you to make it happen. The place is awesome! We were lucky enough to have rented out the entire place from Thursday-Sunday so it was a huge private party all weekend! On Thursday night we threw a welcome party on the lawn area. I had mexican appetizers from 7:00-8:00 and margaritas and beers from 7:00-9:00. This was such a great way to kick off the wedding festivities! If it's in your budget, go for it! The guys at Cabo Surf totally set it up like a lounge with their beach furniture, candles and lighting. I was really surprised and so happy. Everyone had a blast! The margaritas are really strong there too so everyone had a good time to say the least. After, we hung out at the bar. The waiters totally stayed late and they let us be as loud as we wanted. The food at Cabo Surf is AMAZING. One of my moms biggest worries was that people would get tired of the food and spending the money to eat there. This was so NOT the case. No one ever got tired of it. There's quesadillas, blt's, salads and the most amazing breakfast ever. I gained a few pounds there! The only complaint I had was with the wedding food. We had gone over the menu prior and decided on filet and jumbo prawns. I don't know if we ran over on time for the cocktail hour but our food was a little on the cool side when it got to us. The filet was really tender but it was a lot smaller and flatter than what I had anticipated. SO, kind of disappointed with the wedding food but no one seemed to mind and I didn't let it bother me. If you have any other questions about Cabo Surf, please let me know! This will definitely be a vacation spot for us in years to come!!

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      Posted 10 April 2008 - 11:26 PM

      Gilda Badillo- Obviously I haven't seen any pictures but we met with her on Thursday morning as well. She is super bubbly and friendly. What I like most about her is that she gets to the point. SHe was asking me if I liked this or this, that or that. She was really fast. She showed up on the day of the wedding and started clicking away. She is so fast it almost worried me! She was like rolling on the ground in all these crazy angles. It was awesome. We loved her. Half the time I didn't even know she was around. She does very journalistic shots. I'm kind of worried that I didn't have her do many "must have" shots, so I'm hoping she captures our day perfectly. I'll keep you guys posted!

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        Posted 10 April 2008 - 11:34 PM

        Sam Perches- Wow, you girls were not joking about Sam. Patrick was totally making fun of me because my jaw almost hit the floor every time I looked at him. So not only is he gorgeous, he's super nice. I also met with him Thursday and we walked around Cabo Surf. He explained where he would be. On the day of the wedding, I didn't really notice him following us either. Oh well, I think that's what you want. I was so wrapped up in Patrick I didn't even notice Sam! Now that is true love...I'm sure the video will be great but will let you know. He also had another camera guy with him.

        DJ Ricardo- Super nice guy. I left Patrick in charge of talking to him about the music. He met with us Thursday and went over the music. He even came early to set up his speakers at the ceremony because I wanted a specific song to walk down the aisle to. Patrick is super picky about music so he had this whole playlist on his ipod ready for Ricardo. Turns out, Patrick lost his IPOD at the pool so Ricardo was on his own. Sooo, the music was great wedding music. All your typical stuff. It kept people dancing so I guess that's all we cared about. He did take requests from people and one request was a song no one really knew. I told him to cut it and he went into something else. If you don't want people to request songs, tell your DJ! He was really nice though and you can tell he only wanted to please the bride and groom. Patrick even planned a surprise for me where he sang to me in the middle of his speech and Ricardo helped him organize it. Super mello, wonderful guy.

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          Posted 10 April 2008 - 11:45 PM

          Jen Hatton (Cake Diva)- I feel kind of bad for what I'm about to say but I'm just telling my experience. Maye told me she works with Jen Hatton so I had no problem with that. We emailed back and forth. She's very sweet. I emailed her a specific cake picture I had found on theknot.com and she wrote me back saying that was her actual cake! I didn't doubt her because on the bottom of the picture it said Cabo San Lucas so I thought this is great! I don't have to worry about the cake. She can just repeat it again! I did email her the flavor (lemon poppyseed with lemon curd filling) and checked in with her about the sugar sea shells, the coral etc. I felt good about it. When I met with Maye Thursday she wanted to confirm with me that the cake flavor was lemon poppyseed with key lime filling. I said nooo and she called Jen and told her. So on the day of the wedding, once again I was in a perfect spot to see what was going on outside (luckily cus' I caught the plastic chairs going by) I caught a glimpse of the cake. Well, let's just say it looked pretty much nothing like I had envisioned the cake to look or like the picture. I think my mom almost started to tear up but I kept it together. In the big picture, the cake never was my end all be all but I was disappointed none the less. Especially because she told me that was her cake! The cake she made for me was super plain. It had a few sugar shells and coral on it. But nothing like I pictured. I didn't even eat it at my wedding (too busy dancing) but we got to eat it the next night. The guys at Cabo Surf saved me the rest of the cake! It was delicious tasting. It wasn't like a typical cake. It was very dense. Almost like a pound cake. I swear the filling was still key lime. Oh well, I was so happy I got to actually eat my wedding cake the next night! It was super relaxing to sit around with my family and eat cake and talk about the wedding. Would I go with her again? Probably. I would just say be very specific and have more conversations with her if you are super picky about your cake!

          #5 ncainey

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            Posted 10 April 2008 - 11:51 PM

            Suzanne Morel- I didn't have a trial hair or makeup. I guess I was brave. Suzanne showed up with another girl, I think it was Anna. I had treated my mom and Patrick's mom to getting their makeup done. They both looked great. Suzanne is very cool and wants to please you. She definitely has her own ideas and opinions though. I had brought a picture of my wedding day hair and makeup but she had so many to flip through, I didn't even need it. Anna did my hair. First she curled it all (I have alot of hair) and then started on the updo. Let me just say that while my wedding day hair was gorgeous, it was not what I had envisioned. This was not Suzanne's or Anna's fault. Suzanne kept asking me what I thought was wrong with it or what I wanted changed and she would do it. I just had this idea that I wanted soft, beachy hair, very loosely pulled up. I think what Suzanne was trying to tell me was that it was going to loosen up as the night went on. Well, it never really did but oh well. Again, they did and amazing job. I would book them again in a heartbeat. I just kind of wish I had more of an exact vision of what I wanted. The makeup was gorgeous. Suzanne did it and it turned out great. It was also funny because I was starting to stress out about the chairs and the cake and I think Suzanne was kind of getting frustrated with me. She kept saying "honey sit down and let them do their jobs!" I had to take her advice. So yes I loved her and I think everyone who looks at my wedding pictures will agree, the hair was beautiful.

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              Posted 11 April 2008 - 12:11 AM

              Florist (Blossom Art)- Blossom Art is Maye's vendor. It's funny because when I did my site visit there in July, Maye took me there. First impressions, the place is very she-she and upscale. The word I would use to describe their style is minimalistic. They will have like one orchid in a vase and it will cost like $100. Their stuff is beautiful but it just looks so expensive. When you can just walk into a place like that and tell, that's not going to be good for your budget. My mom had asked Maye if this was the only florist she worked with and Maye pretty much said yes. I got a few quotes for the flowers on my spreadsheet from Maye and they were like $55 for a small table arrangement. First I should tell you what flowers I had originally requested. I wanted cymbidium orchids, orange/hot pink roses, bells of ireland and white roses for my bouquet. I thought we were pretty much all set. Then I heard that the price of orchids in Cabo had like quadrupled in price so I pretty much cut out the orchids except for my bouquet. I was a little paranoid about the flowers (mostly because I changed my centerpiece idea last minute) so Maye took me and my mom to Blossom Art. I am so glad I went and did this! You should definitely swing by your florist if you can. So, the girls at Blossom Art basically tell Maye everything I want has gone up in price. Ugh. We finally decided on adding some green hydrangaes to "bulk" up the arrangements. I also settled on three cylinder vases (small, medium,large) for my centerpiece.

              So, once again as I'm in my room getting ready I see my flowers go by. Well first my mom brings in MY bouquet and she had a weird look on her face. (You can probably tell by now my mom has had her own ideas about how things should look) She tells me it's really small but pretty. Initial thought, wow that is small but looking at it more, it was gorgeous. First, I'm a small girl so if I had a big bouquet it would have overwhelmed me. Second, I forgot to add that I had brought my own ostrich feathers and ribbon to make my bouquet with. It sounds funny but the feathers went with my whole wedding look and turned out to make the bouquet. The orchids were gorgeous in it. I wish the white roses were a little more open instead of so closed but all in all, I loved it!

              My BM bouquets were also VERY small. However, the colors of the flowers were gorgeous. Word to the wise: my BM's bouquets were wilting before we walked down the aisle. It's so true about the heat. It was only about 83 degrees too!! They had to hold them super high so the hydrangaes wouldn't fall over. The table centerpieces were also gorgeous in color but once again small. It was fine because there's so much glassware that really takes up the whole table. Bottom line: Flowers in Cabo are SUPER expensive. If you can do it where you use the beach elements instead (sand, shells, coral) I would do it! I probably spent $1500 on flowers and there were not even that many! Towards the end I also cut off things like mother bouquets, father boutinierre etc. and was so glad I did!

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                Posted 11 April 2008 - 12:12 AM

                Ok, I still have more to write and pictures to post but it will have to wait til' tomorrow sorry

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                Posted 11 April 2008 - 12:18 AM

                Great review so far! Can't wait to see pics!

                #9 acacia

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                  Posted 11 April 2008 - 09:22 AM

                  THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE REVIEW!!! we are almost having identical wedding and this made me feel so much better!

                  #10 Nrvsbride

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                    Posted 11 April 2008 - 10:40 AM

                    Your wedding sounds great! Its awesome that you had the whole place for just your wedding guests. I'm sorry the cake and food didn't turn out the way you envisioned but hey at least it tasted good right? It could have been worse if they both tasted yucky. I can't wait to see pics, especially of your gorgeous bouquet.

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