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Help! RIU Negril

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I agree with everyone. Its all what you want it to be. I have been fairly lax with my planning as well.

The things we are getting together before the wedding are favours (my mom is making them), music for ceremony and picnic at hotel night before we fly out and I believe that's it.

We are going with just the basic set up for the wedding with some added rose petals and flowers (no chair covers, runners or any of that stuff).

Free dinner and whatever following...possibly disco at 11.

We found that the price of things can add up so its best if you start to find out costs of everything and see what you have to work with.

You're in jamaica and things will be beautiful as is :)

have fun with it..the idea of a destination wedding is to have fun with no stress!!

Best wishes.

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I think that you just need to decide what things are most important to you and spend your money on that. Photos are impt to me and unless i see some great pictures from the resort photographer then i will have to use another option.

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