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Originally Posted by TA Maureen View Post
Shea, that must have been so scary. I will pray that everything corrects itself and that the rest of your pregnancy is healthy.

Lizz, waiting for those results must be nerve-wracking. I'm sure everything will yurn out just fine. I declined to get those tests done so I don't really know what waiting for the results is like, but I can imagine.

Martha, I cried over cheese the other day. There was none left in the fridge. I got so upset my Mom went and got me more.

Well, my ultrasound is 1:00 Monday and I'm starting to get a little hopeful that we will find out the sex. Keep your fingers crossed that the baby cooperates and we find out on Monday. I am dying to know.
Also, I have been feeling much better except for getting sick every morning but that's tolerable. I have been eating a lot more lately. So i think at my Sept. 2nd doctor's visit I may be able to have the picc line removed from my arm so no more IV!!!!
That is great news that you are feeling better. My fingers are crossed that you get to have your Picc line removed.

Before your ultrasound, drink a big glass of orange juice and eat some chocolate. I wish they had told me this before mine. It makes the baby more active and more around more. We could not find out at our u/s because she would not move at all and her legs were crossed and her bum was up against "the wall". So there was no way to see anything. We ended up having a 3D ultrasound just so we could find out and they told me to drink and eat lots of sweet stuff and chocolate before I came in, and it totally worked.

Lizz, I had the testing done as well. I hated the waiting game, but it was all worth it in the end. Also, keep in mind that there can be some false positives, others have gone through that and had to go back for more tests and it turned out it was nothing, I just want to let you know in case it happens to you. I am sure it won't though.

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Julie, Ella is beautiful!!!


Mo, I am SO glad you are doing better! I hope the PICC line comes out soon!



Noah has been moving around like a mad man! But, I notice I only feel movement on my left side. You think that is normal?

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My SIL is due 6 weeks before me and just found out this morning what she's having...a boy! Right now my family has 5 little boys and 0 girls, so everyone is waiting for that first girl. My SIL is a little disappointed I think because this is their last one and she really wanted a girl, so that is why she wanted to find out now instead of on the day of the birth. But also we're of course so happy that the baby is healthy:) The pressure is now on me to have the little princess...LOL!


Mo, I'm so glad to hear that you're feeling better. I hope you can get the PICC line out. I hope you can find out the gender today!!! Let us know how it goes.


Martha, I have no idea about baby movements yet. I'm sure it's fine, but maybe you could ask your doctor?


I'm supposed to find out the results of the genetic testing today, but no call yet.

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Mo! We want to know what you are having!!!




Question...my hands have been falling asleep a lot. Usually at night when I am not moving them much. However, it's not because I am laying on my arm or hand or anything. It gets annoying because it wakes me up.


I Googled and all I came up with is "pregnancy induced carpal tunnel syndrome." Anyone ever experience this. Between the hands and my leg above my knee falling alseep, I am kinda getting worried.

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Congrats on the boy, Mo!!!



Martha~ I had some weird wrist-hand issues too!! I would have to constantly twist my hands and wrists- seems like they felt weird right when I woke up, and after lots of walking.


It's amazing what you forget about pregnancy! It's hard to even believe I had the belly I had!!! I do have to say though, that I was different from most of you because I couldn't wait to wear maternity clothes and show off the bump! :)



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i stalk this thread but never post.. but i figured with all the new baby news going around, i should. so, congrats ladies! esp julie for pretty baby ella, and mo for getting her boy smile72.gif

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