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Mommies to be check in

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Congrats Geminilibra on being a new mommy! I hope you are getting some sleep!


Congrats Danielle! HOw have you been feeling?


Thanks everyone on the nice comments. I have not had much sleep, so sorry I'm so late posting more pics. I still havent even downloaded the ones from my camera, these are still from my phone!!


Matt is doing well and jaundice is going away. He's a bit fussy at night waking up everyone 1 1/2 - 2 hours , but the important thing is that he's eating much, much more now! Here is what he is looking like at 2 weeks old now.


Click the image to open in full size.


daddy and Matt

Click the image to open in full size.

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Congrats to GeminiLibra and Danielle!


MrsMartin~ Matt is adorable!!!


I have some sad news~ I posted about my step-brother and SIL about a month ago. They were told their baby would have some problems, went through multiple tests only to find out that everything should be OK. They thought the baby was about 2 weeks behind in development, but they weren't worried about that. They were at the doc about 2 weeks ago, heard the HB, and everything was fine. Last weekend, SIL felt the baby moving. Yesterday, they went for an U/S to check the growth and develpment, and there was no heartbeat. My SIL delivered the baby this morning. She was 24 weeks, but the baby's develpment was only 19 weeks. My step-mom got to hold Gavin, and my step-bro cut the cord. He was 8 oz. and 8 in. I am so sad for them and can't believe that they're planning a funeral instead of bringing their baby home. They were SO excited to be having a baby~ I just cannot begin to imagine what they're going through. Sorry to put this bad news out there, but wanted to update those who sent positive thoughts and prayers their way.



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I'm not sure what happened... I swear I posted my birth update here, but I don't see it! Nuts!

So, here's the story!

Okay, so my induction date was Friday... and of course that got cancelled and moved to Monday. Grrr. Very mad. But I made the best of it. I already had Friday off of work because I was supposed to have a baby, so I got all last minute things done. I went grocery shopping, got my oil changed, put gas in my car, bought the last touches for Kora's nursery, decorated her wooden name letters and hung them above her crib (however, nobody knew her name so I had hung them so Shawn could tell me if he liked them and then fully planned on taking them down... apparently that would never happen). Anyway. Shawn got home from work around 5:30 and I told him I'd like to go out to dinner one last time. So we went to my favorite resturant. MMM. Delicious. Then I was in the middle of a photography scavanger hunt contest, so we went to his mom's house to get some items I needed (8 track tape, clothes line, grandma with a tatoo...). After that we needed to go to my parent's house to get additional items on the list. As I stood up to leave Shawn's mom's house i got a contraction, however at the time I just thought it was one of the many cramps that I would randomly get from Kora moving. She saw my face and asked if I was okay. I said yes and goodnight. Went to my parent's house. Had a lot of fun taking crazy pictures which were required and laughing a lot. At 9:30 my mom brought out my baby book and was telling Shawn and I about her birth experience with me and reading all of my stats and my developement milestones for the first month. I started to get contractions. They were not painful at all and only lasted 30 seconds though, so I didn't think anything of them. My father, however, thought it was funny and so he started timing them. They were 5 minutes appart. Finally around 11 we went home. They were still 5 minutes apart, still not hurting, and still only 30 seconds long.

At 11:30 Shawn and I went to bed. When we were laying there I asked him if he thought i should call the doctor. he said no, because they weren't getting worse and that i should just get some sleep. I agreed. We said our I love yous and goodnights. And i rolled over to go to bed...


I rolled over and my water broke! I ran to the bathroom. I then sat there for a few seconds staring at my soaked underwear. I eventually hollared to Shawn that I thought my water broke. He said I peed my pants. Well, quite honestly, that is a possibility. So I sat there for a little longer. Then I looked down. Hmm... apparently I didn't make it to the toilet like i had thought I might have (well, minus the soaked undies). There was a huge puddle on our bathroom floor. So i again just sat and stared at it. Hmmm... hollared to Shawn again. You see, I had JUST gone to the bathroom before i went to bed, so how in the world could i have peed this much? Didn't make sense. But, Shawn was convinced I had just peed and stayed laying in bed. So I got up and grabbed a new pair of undies. Mmmm... yup, started gushing again. So I ran into the kitchen, grabbed the hospital's phone number and ran to the bathroom again. Called the nurse while on the toilet because... well... I was leaking for goodness!

So I talked with the nurse. I live 45 minutes from West Bend so after talking with the doctor they agreed that I should drive to the hospital.

I woke Shawn up. He still didn’t believe me and started slowly moving around the house and getting things ready. Okay, contractions now hurt, and were coming MUCH quicker.

We finally got out of the house around 12. Got to the hospital at 12:45. Got up to L&D around 1 and then I finally was checked in triage at 1:15. I was already 7 centimeters and my contractions were every 2 minutes and lasting a minute. So they moved pretty quickly in getting me a room.

At 2 am the epidural guy showed up. I was still simply breathing through my contractions and was able to handle them very well (although I did ask for a 2 minute break since I was only having about 30 seconds in-between them to breath… sadly, no 2 minute break. Oh well.). So the epidural guy makes me sit up. The moment I sit up, I have to push. I tell the nurse that. She laughs at me and tells me to sit still. Then she yells at me because I was breathing so heavily and she thought I would hyperventilate. Yup, crazy lady, I have to push. There is a little head coming out of my legs, and I don’t have any medications in me right now. I’m pretty darn positive I will need to breath heavily at this point.

Regardless of what I say, they continued with the epi. Finally got it and got me laying down. The nurse reluctantly checks my dialation (they don’t want to check very often because my water broke and they don’t want to cause an infection). Oh… imagine that. I’m 10 cm and ready to push. Only problem… they just gave me a massive dose of epi! So I fall asleep!!! Goodness gracious. My husband had to wake me up for every contraction so I could push. Yeah, that didn’t work. I couldn’t feel crap so I basically was “pushing” just for fun. Finally at 4 am the epidural wore off and they gave me pitocin so I could really feel what I was doing. Three pushes after that she was out (okay, one push… then a long waiting period when I wasn’t allowed to push because they need to use the forceps (she was twisted and wouldn’t come out) and then a slight cut… and then two more pushes and she was out). So at 4:19 my baby girl, Kora Lynn, was born. She weighed 7 pounds 7 ounces and was 21 inches long.

So it was a VERY short labor for me and I made it all the way to 10 cm without drugs, and I REALLY wish the epi guy would have been 10 minutes later because I would have had my baby by 2:15 and have been done. But, oh well. She is happy and healthy so that’s all I can ask for.

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