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October 08 Brides - What's Left to Do

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Im starting to freak out!!!! I just decided that we need to do assigned seating. So now I am on a hunt for the "perfect" name holders. Why I didnt decide on this 6 months ago I dont know.


Yari, what did the knot say on the month check list? Do you still have it? Will you post it?

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Originally Posted by trisha0612 View Post
I had my Bach. party this past weekend....I had a ton of fun...even though all the girls ignored my ... NO PENIS....NO VEIL rule...but still it was a great time!

I feel like I have SOOO much stuff to do still...ugh!
Where are your pics?

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Hey girls! I got so much stuff done last weekend and durng the week and then some more this weekend! I'm almost completely finished!


I went shopping this weekend and bought some clothes and shoes, they are all so cute! We are finsished with the OOT bags and are working on our starfish place cards. I still have to decide what we are doing for the ceremony and compile music list.


I am having my personal shower the weekend of the 20th and I cannot wait! I love lingerie.


We are not having my bach party til Oct 4th. Its so close before we leave and I'm afraid I'll have lots of last minute stuff to do but it is the only time we could have it.


Fi is from WI and doesn't have any super close friends here, although he has lots of good friends. I don't know if any of them are planning a bach party for him, so I am planning a surprise one for him! It will be on the same night as mine. Hope I can get everybody together for it!


We leave 4 weeks from tomorrow, so excited!

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Yes, Trish I want to see pics too!!!


I specifically told my girls no crazy bride stuff for me on that night. I do not want veils or penises either! I'm sure they are totally going to ignore me though.

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I have the same rule. I told my girls I will not participate so don't waste your money. I am just not into that type of thing. I rather get dressed up and have a good time. can't wait to see picts!

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My bach is this weekend also. ANd I have the same rule. But my friends never listen. We are doing a limo bus to the local wineries. And we will see how long I last from there.

Fi is having his this weekend also, they are going away for finishing and canoe trip. He's a little mad because his group is smaller, but alot of our friends are couples and someone has to stay home with the kids. And my girls sent out the invites months ago. His guys are procrastinators!!!


Finished my foot jewelry. I need two of the other girls feet to finish theirs. Spoke with Suzanne today to finialize hair. Put done deposit for flowers, Went for my first dress fitting today. Going to let the Fi do the music. Hmmm I'm sure theres more I need to do.

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I am not having my bachlorett party and bridal shower until the weekend of the 27th. I have a lot of people comming from all over, so we decided to do it all in one weekend. Im getting excited..... I wish the days would hurry up!!

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I will post pics as soon as my girls are recovered from their hangovers and have time to send me their pics...I didn't bring my camera due to fear of dropping it..losing it...falling on it!!!!


Okay..My TO DO LIST:

Print and Mail Prewedding brochure

print and cut seating place cards

buy shoes (flip flops from jcrew)

buy earrings

Schedule hair & make up appt. at Dreams (brooke have you done this?)

Get pics ready for my hair trial (9/16)

Make Welcome Letter for OOT bags

Iron on names for linen pouches for OOT bags (pouches for girls that will hold: camera, room key, id, money, lip gloss etc so they do not need to bring purse to beach or wherever)


Get Rings (we are really behind)

Ceremony music

Dress for shower

get questions ready for guests(I'm doing a little thing in their OOT bags where each guest has 2 names of other guests they do not know yet, with specific questions for them to ask them...we want everyone to know each other since they are all so important to us!)


I know I have so much to do!!! I will get alot done since this will be the first weekend I won't have a party to attend in a month!! Oh yeah and my bro is FINALLY moving out!!!!!! :)

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I ordered the GM's t-shirts yesterday from Vista Print...one more thing off my list! Yay!


All I have left to do is:

  • Put ceremony music together
  • Go for last fitting
  • Finalize seating chart (won't happen until October 1)
  • Put together welcome packet (having an assembly party on 9/21/0cool.gif
  • Mail out Welcome Packet
  • Print out placecards
  • Get my BM totes embrodiered

Not too bad!

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