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Off the beat'n path restaurants

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Hey PV brides. I have never been to PV and am going next month. I have collect some great suggestions on truly authentic restaurants from this site and a number of friends.... BUT


I know many of you have been there on scouting trips. Any places that aren't commericalized that you would recommendhuh.gif




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Hey there

My fiance and I went to this great little restaurant called "Cafe de Olla" which is in the romantic district of PV. The namesake coffee is delicious and one of my favorite things to have in Mexico, it's coffee brewed in a pot with cinnamon and vanilla i think... But their food was excellent as well, super fresh. We had sopes and empanadas, I'm Mexican so I consider myself a tough critic...i definitely recommend this place. We also went to a couple places downtown that were great, There's a rooftop restaurant called "Chilaquiles"...the sunset looks beautiful from this place and the food is good, truthfully I've only had their food at their sister restaurant in Guadalajara and it was delicious. Also "Mi Querencia" which is probably where we'll have the rehearsal dinner. Really great food and service...hope that helps, e-mail me if you need any more info...


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