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Marla's Las Caletas wedding review

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Yes, you are correct. I spoke to my photog and she is putting together a bunch of pictures on her website. I don't know her website off hand since I rarely visit it, but you can google Elizabeth Fladung or find her here on the forum since other girls have used her. Or you could try again at pictage and just put in a username and password and search Marla and John Knight. I would think it would take you there. There's some cool shots in a hammock, on the floating bridge, sunset pics, standing on cool rock formations, etc.

Okay, now I'm bragging!!!

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Hi Marla,

Congrats! Your wedding looked beautiful. I am getting married there in June 2009. Who was your photographer? Who did your hair? Any must haves that I should consider? Which package did you go with?




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