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Has anyone gotten married on the beach at Dreams? i didnt even realize they did this until i saw a picture of a reception set up on the beach just yesterday. It seems everyone gets married at the gazebo (which is GORGEOUS BUT i want my feet in the sand!8-) ) If anyone has could you eitehr post or email me some pictures? Also if you have any pictures of their beach in general thatd be helpful too since i havent seen many.




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I was married in the gazebo because I didn't want all of our guests to have to worry about the sand (and didn't want the extra cost), but there are a couple of girls getting married on the beach this year I believe.


I was married in Feb and it was *very* windy.

It was nice for people to be able to eat dinner inside and move inside during the the reception if they wanted to.

Just something to consider.

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