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Buy a 2nd dress???

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#11 dragonfly

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    Posted 08 April 2008 - 05:09 PM

    We have had lot's of 2 and 3 dress brides on here, I think Christine may have even been up to 4 or 5hehe if budget allows it get the dress of your dreams:)

    #12 BarefootBride

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      Posted 08 April 2008 - 08:08 PM

      Im a second dress bride - was thinking about being a 3rd dress bride. I just realized (Im sure FI has already) that I am hard to please.. so I just give up. I think, really... 30 years from now will I absolutely care? Will I still be on BDW posting threads about it. Probably not. July is coming soon so I might as well relax and plan to have fun.

      #13 plumsugar

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        Posted 09 April 2008 - 01:27 PM

        I'm a 2 dress bride...
        Ok, Ok... 3!! :X
        But the 3rd ended up being THE ONE!!!

        The first cost sooo much money. When it came in, it looked nothing like when I had tried it on 7 months earlier. I blame trying on the sample which was 3 sizes too big and them pinning it to me to create a shape similar to what it would look like in my size. The outcome in my size bummed me out very much, both emotionally and financially!

        The second was the "backup" (my rebound lol) to the first after I freaked out. Very pretty and super cheap even after alterations. However, I still didn’t get the "feeling" (and at this point I wondered if the “feeling” even existed or if I was just being a douche). Many girls on BDW were partial to the first too. I'm keeping it, but dying it another color, because it would be fab for a formal party :)

        The third no one has seen (not even mom!) and I am IN LOVE. I feel so beautiful in it and can’t stop smiling when I think of it!!

        So basically, the doubtful feeling will not go away if you are not 100% happy.
        If your budget allows, I am all for getting something you will absolutely love!
        Just make sure the second is THE ONE...or else you'll be like me!

        #14 Spazz

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          Posted 09 April 2008 - 01:32 PM

          I never thought I'd be a 2 dress bride, but I was! I bought my first dress right after I got engaged and 9 months later decided I didn't like it all that much anymore. It's your day, do what makes you happy!

          #15 adrianna28

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            Posted 10 April 2008 - 09:47 PM

            Is anyone planning on selling their first or second dress Maybe people on the forum might be interested?

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