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New bride to be!

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Hi! Welcome to the forum. I'll actually be at the moon palace the day of your wedding!


I'm also a Moon Palace bride...but not until January. Our trip in Sept will be our "site visit" AKA vacation! :)

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Well, so far I've managed to annoy the FL staff so much that they tried to get my onsite WC assigned LOL And when they weren't able to, they just referred me to the head person there (I was asking questions about onsite stuff).


So far I've got my wedding package picked and deposit down (deluxe Civil wedding package and a non-denominatinoal minister), and we have our ceremony time/date. It's too soon for us to book rooms though (UGH!)


We're going down in Sept. and want to meet with the WC there and basically get as much as we possibly can settled during that trip, so that when we go down in Jan. we can relax a little before famiy shoes up. My mom is coming with us in Sept., so it might not be so relaxing lol


Have you ever been to the Moon Palace? I've been to the Cancun Palace. The included excursions is a big bonus for us, we tottal took advantage of them and had an AMAZING time.


I emailed the onsite person and asked for prices of flowers and whats in season/native to Mexico. I also asked for a sample of their photograpers work (we can't afford the extra to bring our own). If you're interested in that stuff, if/when they send it to me, I can share. (I'll probably post it for others too)

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