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Liquid Diets.....Anybody tried one?

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    Posted 13 April 2008 - 09:56 PM

    I think even Beyonce' didn't recommend it to anyone...

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      Posted 14 April 2008 - 02:19 AM

      Originally Posted by jarauz
      Hey Twinkletoes, I Am So Glad You Made The Post. I Have Been Ready About The Master Cleanse All Week And Doing Research. I Am Really Interested In Doing It. I Am Actually Going To Order The Kit In 2 Weeks Because I Will Be Out Of The State. I Want To Begin It When I Get Back. Last Summer I Did The Atkins For 2 Months And Took A Kick-boxing Class. I Lost 25 Pounds. Its Been 8 Months And I Gained 10 Pounds Back. I Am So Angry At Myself. I Was Doing Very Well. But, I Started Others Jobs, Now Total Of 3 Jobs, Went Back To School For My Masters And Have Stop Going To The Gym....bad Girl I Am.......but, I Have Been Looking Forward To Starting Again After The Master Cleanse Diet...
      I would save some money and not order the kit. Its very easy just lemon, kayanne pepper and maple suryup. thats it.

      Originally Posted by twinkletoes
      A guy here at work recently did a liquid diet called The Master Cleanse, nicknamed the 'Lemonade Diet'. He originally did it for detoxifying/cleansing purposes, and boy can I say he lost 20+lbs in less than a month. How healthy is this diet, I'm not sure. The only thing is, he didnt eat ANY food he said for 18 days. And it doesnt sound to tasty to me, but to each his own. I LOVE food waaay to much, but I'm debating on whether or not I want to try it right before the wedding.

      Anybody out there ever been on a liquid diet
      I Did this cleanse. I aggree with what everyone has said. Don't do it for weight loss. I also wouldn't necessarly recommend it for cleansing either. There are so many better cleanses out there that really detox your body, while you still eat, but eat all organic. granted you eat very little but you also take vitamins and purifying herbs. The Master Cleanse has way too much sugar in it. Yes you do loose weight but if you eat healthy for 10 days you'll loose weight as well. I lost 8 pounds when i did it, which i didn't need to, but I was so hungry the day I went off of it. It was really hard to ajust back to normal food again and gradually I wanted to eat everything insight and I already eat healthy. It through me off completely. I didn't feel that good as well. I have done other cleanses and lost weight on them and felt so much better, and didn't go through the struggles of hungry.

      #33 twinkletoes

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        Posted 14 April 2008 - 09:30 AM

        Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice. It is really interesting to hear what other women out there have attempted and their own experiences. Thanks for sharing :~)
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          Posted 14 April 2008 - 09:43 AM

          Originally Posted by TA Jill
          Those are really good points Jamie, I would love to do a cleanse, because I think it would be good for my body to just clean out and also try to eliminate the want for certain foods. And I love the idea of the amount of energy that you gain while doing it. I'm afraid I would try it for a couple of days and wouldn't be able to keep going. If I even made it a couple of days, I could totally see myself caving after like 12 hours!
          Oh yeah, it's easy to cave. If you can stick with it the experience is cool. I was at work once and someone asked if I was alright because the whites of my eyes were so white and the blue was so blue...lol You don't realize how much of your body is affected by junk. But I've had unsuccessful attempts, believe me! Ideally you do it until the coating of your tongue goes away as a sign that toxins are eliminated but that can take a long time, that's a future goal, haven't made it yet!

          Originally Posted by lauren c.
          i firmly believe that the only way to keep weight off is by changing your lifestyle. nothing is permanent if you keep doing what you've been doing.
          I completely agree

          Originally Posted by twinkletoes
          Just wanted to say thanks to everyone for their advice. It is really interesting to hear what other women out there have attempted and their own experiences. Thanks for sharing :~)
          If you ever choose to do a cleanse there is tons of info online about various types so you can find the best one for you.

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            Posted 24 April 2008 - 10:34 AM

            i'm on a liquid diet now, currently day 4. i think it's a personal thing but i have a lot of weight to lose before my wedding in 5 months
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            #36 JaimeLynne

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              Posted 25 April 2008 - 01:11 PM

              First off, I apologize if I hijack the thread for a minute - I was about to go post my own thread about detox but figured since this one was already here I'd tag on! Hope that's ok

              For those of you who are new or don't know, I've been very sick off and on this past year (just thought I was getting better tho - made it through my FI and boss catching bad viruses and I DIDN'T! ). Anyways, it's a very long story but to make a long story short and get to the point I have been on way too many antibiotics and pain relievers (I've taken so much Tylenol/Ibuprofen/etc it's ridiculous!). I've been having some lower back and abdominal pain recently and after ruling out a kidney stone and doing some research I think all those meds have reached toxic levels and are starting to hurt my kidney!!! I know, I know - DUUUUH JAIME!!!!! Very scary. Anyways, after seeing the harm OTC pain relievers can do to your kidneys it has really opened my eyes!!!

              Sooo I found this out on Monday night and since have been doing "my own" detox program until I can get in to see a professional lymphatic drainage/detox specialist in my area. This is what I've been doing so far:
              - TOOOOONS of water.
              - NO Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc!
              - NO Alcohol
              - Freshly brewed green, white and red teas (about 1, maybe 2 a day depending on the caffeine levels)
              - Fresh veggies, as much organic as possible
              - Regular vitamins (multi, fish oil... plus an herbal Bladder/Kidney complex)
              - Trying to stay away from chemicals (household cleaners, etc.) as much as possible
              - Exercise or in general anything to make me SWEAT, including:
              - 20 minute hot Detox bath (last night) w/1 cup of Himalayan Sea Salt

              So far I have really been feeling the "yucky" effects of detoxing, and I'm wondering if any of you have been through this sort of thing before. Mostly it feels like a very slight flu - slight fever, aches, hot/cold spells, headache...

              I read on the internet last night that this is to be expected, especially the day after the hot sea salt bath. Btw, that was SO much tougher to do than I thought! I got the water as hot as I could stand (per the directions) and they said to lay in there for at least 20 mins, 30 preferably. I thought "30 mins - no problem!"...I got to 10 and was sweating so much - I asked my FI to sit in there with me because I started to freak myself out and panic a little. Now I remember why I don't like Saunas With him as a coach I finally made it through the 20 mins (I tried to run a few times and he kept sticking me back in LOL). I drank about 4 bottles of water before I went to bed. Woke up this morning feeling sort of yucky which they say is good - that's supposed to mean the toxins are coming out.

              I did read about liquid detoxes when I was trying to decide how to go about this and such but I read an article which really made a lot of sense in that water is the purest detoxifier out there. If I could do it I would do the 24 hour water cleanse (in case you're thinking about this do your research and be careful - 24 hrs is the MAX! It is supposed to give all of your organs a short rest, that is the point.) - I love food too much though

              Overall the pain in my side and abdomen finally started to calm down yesterday so I am happy and feel like I'm on the right track! It is actually pretty empowering to go through a detox - it really makes you think of what you're putting in your body every day.

              Ok, thanks for letting me jump in here!

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                Posted 25 April 2008 - 01:36 PM

                See that means something diff here lol liquid diet means drinking alcohol and getting pissed lol

                #38 arlene

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                  Posted 03 May 2008 - 11:09 PM

                  I've done the Lemonade Diet/ Master Cleanser several times and so has my boyfriend. I learned about it from one of my clients. Its really not for loosing weight, and if you don't come off of it right you will gain more weight than what you started with. My boyfriend changed how he ate so he keeps the weight mostly off. Generally he does put back 2-3 pounds from water and food in the digestive track.

                  It is good to really repair the body. But it requires caution, I felt weak after one of them, and it took me a while to get my regular strength back.

                  I do however, have more energy and higher productivity level since doing those.

                  One of my friends does a fruit diet to lose weight and she does lose quite a bit on it. But I think her metabolism is higher than usual.

                  #39 BridetwoBe

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                    Posted 07 February 2011 - 10:40 AM

                    There are better ways to fast than this...smh

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