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Motivation Help?!?!?

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Bgirl- The dress is very pretty. That is very much like something I originally had in mind. My mom was shopping with my SIL for her Mother's dress and found something she fell in love with for me. Since my heart wasn't set on anything yet (I did like a couple of things from David's Bridal) I humored her. I actually really liked it and I honestly was not concerned with brand names. The only pictures they had of the dress was from a rental catalog but it is not a rental. It is bought and paid for..lol Here is the link:


LLRental Wedding gown rental style# 1009


I ordered without the train and added spagetti straps. I am very busty and i think it drew too much attention to the girls without the staps.

Here is the dress I was going to get (in white) but decided to use it as a BM dress instead.

David's Bridal - Bridesmaids, Dress Detail

It has the detail under the breast like your does! I like that. I think it is slimming.


Sorry to hijack your thread! I am really looking forward to seeing the actual dress you picked out! I am sure whatever you wear is going to be beautiful though! I still love that first dress but you need to feel it is going to make you feel beautiful and more like a bride.

BTW switching up yesterday helped my weight! I'll post some before pictures and some current ones as soon as I can!

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Wow...those dresses are stunning. I am so sad that I didn't see that 2nd dress at David's. I think I missed it because on the website it didn't say it came in white...We are having an all white wedding where EVERYONE is whereing all white, and that would have been a perfect BM dress...dang it!!!


I want to post me in my dress but I have been so busy...be patient though...because it won't dissapoint...lol.


I am also glad that your weight is now going down with you changing up your routine. Keep it up lady...:)

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