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*The official St. Lucia Brides CHAT thread*

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#441 MEve

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    Posted 24 March 2011 - 08:52 AM

    Thanks for all the hair info!

    We have a friend that works for an airline company, and it seems like we are heading off for 3 days to St.Lucia in 2 weeks!

    It will be a short vacations, but it is much needed after the whole cancer thing of the last few months.


    I will see how my hair behaves when I am there...Won't be able to stay at a Sandals, but we will go check out the Halcyon for the wedding.  So far, seems like we might stay at the Smuggler's Cove.  The airline has deals there...and it's all inclusive.  We won't have time to go around the island, but if you have questions or anything that I might be able to help with while I'm there, feel free to ask, and I'll see what I can do.


    Ok, now, is there anyone having problems with single people???  I mean, we have some single people coming to the wedding.  The problem is that Sandals DOES NOT have rooms with 2 doubles, twins or anything else that would allow 2 strangers to share a room.  At Sandals, if you share a room, you gotta share the bed!  Either they pay a lot of extra $$$ to be alone in a room, or we have to put them in another other hotel...which is problematic.  One of those single is my dad, and he speaks no English.  Another one would be my maid of honor...and the last the brother of the groom.  kinda shitty. Any advice???


    #442 LilyRose

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      Posted 24 March 2011 - 01:57 PM

      Wow MEve!  What a great opportunity to visit St.Lucia in two weeks!

      Lucky you!




      For the single room problem, it depends on what you are planning.  Are they paying for their own trip? If this situation would happen to me, here is what I would do:

      Since these person are close friends (father, MOH, brother in law...) I would not expect them to share a bed either.  And I would not want them in another resort.

      If we were in your situation, I would use a part of my wedding budget to pay the price difference (single supplement) for them.  We are paying for some extras like that for some of our guests.  Even if the resort provide double beds, it's not everyone who like to share a bedroom.  This said, I understand that this solution may not be for everyone.


      We are eager to hear about your visit in St.Lucia!


      #443 Monica Mai

      Monica Mai
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        Posted 24 March 2011 - 02:32 PM

        MEve!!  Wow what a wonderful spontaneous trip!!   I'm in agreement with LilyRose about your room situation if that is possible. Since they are close friends and family I could see the justification for the extra cost.  We were unable to get my MIL and step son at the hotel we booked our guests at and they are going to be at a different hotel from us and the guests and are now having to worry about transportation back and forth from the hotels ... it might be worth the money to pay the extra dependant on how much taxi costs are back and forth. 


        Had my hair trimmed to just get all the split ends taken off and my stylist recommended using a creamy based hair serum down in St. Lucia to combate frizziness and humidity--just wanted to pass it on to you ladies.


        I'm kinda in the last stages of the wedding planning process . .. Have my first and only DIY project this weekend--- recruiting a friend to help me wrap pink ribbon on the handles of the raffia fans I bought for the guests. Having my hair trial this weekend also.  Really all I have left to do is order the menu cards, buy more beach attire and PACK!!


        Everyone have a great weekend!!



        #444 BBSL

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          Posted 25 March 2011 - 01:10 AM

          That will be nice to go for a short break - give you a chance to suss out the hair situation!


          Our resort also charged extra for singles, but we negotiated on the grounds that we had a large group. In the end the single supplement was 20% on top as opposed to the 50% they wanted to charge.

          Are you dead set on Sandals? Only because there are so many other great resorts that wouldn't give you that hassle.

          #445 MrsWilliams1111

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            Posted 25 March 2011 - 02:38 PM

            I feel your pain MEve. I initially was going to book with Sandals, but I changed to the Almond Morgan bay cause it wa too much of a hassle to deal with guests who wanted single room or didn't want to share a bed

            #446 MEve

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              Posted 25 March 2011 - 05:16 PM

              I repasted the chart, I keep having to go back to page 43...






              Location (Home)

              April 16 2011

              Monica Mai


              North Carolina

              June 2011


              Villa Capri

              Vancouver, BC

              July 11 2011


              Jade Mountain

              Vancouver, BC

              July 15 2011


              Sandals Grande

              Atlanta, GA

              July 20 2011


              Anse Chastanet

              Toronto, ON

              November 12 2011


              Almond Morgan Bay

              Philadelphia, PA

              April 04 2012


              Sandals Halcyon

              Toronto, ON

              April (maybe feb?) 2012


              Stonefield Estate


              April 2012


              Anse Chastanet

              Burlington, VT

              June 6 2012


              Pigeon Island

              Dallas, TX

              June 7 2012


              Windjammer Landing



              #447 MEve

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                Posted 25 March 2011 - 05:31 PM

                Yeah, about the single people...I offered to give my MOH $500 towards her trip, still, I think she'll come back with a negative answer.  We really have no budget, as I am still unemployed.  She told me she can go twice in Cuba (sorry US people) for the price of the 1 week in St.Lucia...  And she made a good point about being in a different resort...all inclusive resorts usually have "bracelets" or some sort of code system; being from a different resort, she wouldn't have access to ours and party with us each night without having to pay the visitor fee...

                My in-laws are going to pay for my brother in law...so I'm not too worried about that one. 

                My dad, well, it's starting to be a whole other story.  My parents are divorced, my mom is since happy as a clam and excited to travel for the first time in her life, while my dad finds the whole trip to be quite a drag.  Now you are in on the big story.


                #448 LilyRose

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                  Posted 26 March 2011 - 10:32 AM

                  Dear MEve,


                  I can relate to what you say.  I felt exactly like that few weeks ago.  Guests say they will come and then change their mind and explain to you how cheaper it would be to go somewhere else like Mexico or Cuba.  The good thing is that I feel so serene about it now. It's like if it's a kinda step: when you get through that part, the rest of the planning is easier.  I'm sure you will see the light soon! 



                  #449 Monica Mai

                  Monica Mai
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                    Posted 27 March 2011 - 04:25 AM

                    My Saturday was supposed to be a fun day of wedding planning with one of my friends (who is coming to the wedding also). So she comes over and I show her all my wedding stuff I've purchased--the starfish favors with tags, etc.  She comments that she likes them, but is then like you know I could have just made these for you and how much did you spend on them b/c I would have done them for you and you wasted your money. I mean what do you say to that? Then when we went to the hair trial, she was like telling the hairstylist what to do and taking over....  On top of that my FI HATED my wedding hair style and said I looked like a rooster (it was a bit poofy)  . . . . Let's just say after my looong day yesterday, I had a couple of stiff drinks


                    On a more positive side, I completed alot of things on my to-do/to-get list!!  Only thing left really is to work on the playlist, get some baby pics(we are putting baby pics of us out at the pre-wedding event) and I guess now, figure out a new hair style...


                    Here's my countdown:


                    14 Days till we leave

                    20 Days before we say I Do.

                    #450 MEve

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                      Posted 27 March 2011 - 05:50 AM

                      MonicaMai, I was so sorry to hear about your Saturday!  Do you get to try another hairstyle?  Are you having a trial at home so you can do your own hair at the wedding?

                      PS, tell your friend to back off, YOU'RE THE BRIDE!!!  And also, it's good to start drinking now, it builds up your alcohol tolerance for St.Lucia :-)

                      I do have a favor to ask about Ladera...I saw on YouTube some rooms have some kind of a waterfall... more like a trickle, I wonder if it can be turned off at night.  I used to rent a room in a house that had a kitch fountain, and it sounded like someone was in the bathroom 24/7...

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