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My makeup artist will use her makeup, but I'll have mine along for the rest of the trip and honeymoon anyway. Not a bad idea to find a mascara you really like beforehand, just in case. I'd push for a trial with the makeup artist if at all possible. I'm guessing that the makeup artist will be very accomodating (mine was!). It's kind of in their interest too to do a trial, I would think.

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Im bringing alot of my own make-up for the trip but I plan on using all of the make-up from the salon the day of and for the trial (Suzanne Morrel uses MAC and im good with that)...Maybe with the exception of my favorite mascara. I would also suggest a trial to be sure you dont have too much make-up on the day of your wedding since you mentioned your pretty natural. However, many girls on this forum did not have a trial and were very pleased with their results and it does sound like your in a time crunch. I suppose it depends on how comfortable you are with that idea!

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