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My NY shower

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do you have the whole menu at all? we're thinking of an upscale mexican menu for the reception at home, but having trouble not going with the over the top mexican food theme..

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From what I remember:

appetizers -

seared tuna squares on little corn chips

avocado mousse

plantain chips with pumpkin mousse and pumpkin seed

smoked mushroom bourekas (totally forgetting what you would calls this in Mexican terms)

quesadillas triangles with some nice type of cheese

lunch -

sweet potato and goat cheese tamales

some sort of grilled white fish (mahi mahi maybe?) with herbs and tropical fruit salsa

herbed rice

roasted root vegetables (mini squashes and the like)

some sort of eggs with black beans dish

chopped salad of apples, carrots, vegetables (was supposed to have jicama, etc, but not sure if it turned out how my aunt requested), on a bed of lettuces

I'm probably forgetting something


fondue with cumin covered marshmallows, assorted fruit (grapes, kiwi, strawberries, etc.), and pretzels

coconut and mango sorbet (coconut is my fave) - by the former owner of Ciao Bella

Mexican pan dulce (breads that are sweet and for dessert, not so great though)

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