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Found our wedding drink!!!!!

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We were out to dinner last night and went to a local upscale authentic mexican restuarant and had an amazing meal, but to top it off we found our signiture wedding cocktail. Now at first we were not really going to have one but after tasting this we knew it was perfect. OH opps i guess you want to know what it is.....ITs a CHAMPAGNE MARGARITA, which consist of Champagne, splash of chambord, Tequila, and a blend of freah lime and simple syrup it was sooooo goood and we figred the best of both worlds with the "marriage" of the signiture weddding and signiture mexican cocktails and i think our guest will love it!cheer2.gif

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That sounds amazing!


We have a girls' night get together and play Bunco every month. We go all out with crazy themes, costumes, etc. (that is what happens when you get 12+ elementary teachers and 4 oddballs!)


Anyway, next month is Cinco de Bunco (Mayo) so I think I will have to steal your recipe!

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