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leaving for RM (Iberostar) Thursday

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Hello Stina!


They are having their reception at the Galaxy disco, but this is group is a bunch of serious partiers! I'll keep an eye out for the Tropical Restaurant & Aqua Bar.


One of my clients talked about renting out a ballroom of some sort as another option? Let me ask her about.

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Originally Posted by beachbride08 View Post
YES! I am getting married at the Iberostar Paraiso Lindo in November. We are having the ceremony in the gazebo at the Lindo so if you can get any pics of that, I would appreciate it. Also, if there are any cool locations to take pics with the bridal party, or for TTD other than on the beach that would be great as well. I asked for menus for the restaurants so we could pick our meal(s) so any feedback on the food and/or restaurants (how private is the semi-private set up, specifically the Italian restaurant) would also be good to know. At this point I'll take any info you care to share as it is probably more than I know now. Your pics are beautiful btw, so I can't wait to see what you come back with.

I honestly did not see a gazebo. The ceremony occurred on the Lindo property, not too far from the Grand.

Click the image to open in full size.

There are tons of locations for cool shots on the property. I shot the girls in the Maya - since that is where they were getting ready. Really, you can't walk a few feet without some neat art or architecture.

Here is a gallery of just the resort shots:
Lynn Michelle Photography- powered by SmugMug

We did a TTD straight in the ocean, but there are tons of waterfalls on the property that you can use too or even the lazy river. We just went straight ocean! I'll be happy to share those pictures once they are uploaded.

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As for the restaurants, here was my limited experience.


Dinner at the Mexican Restaurant - (this was for the rehearsal dinner).


Appetizers : nachos

then we could get food from the buffet which included basic mexican fare like guacamole, tamales and the like.


Soup: Seafood in Chilacayote Broth with Epazote or Tortilla Soup Jalisco Style. I got the tortilla soup and it was good, it seemed like people left the seafood soup on the table.


Main Course: Marianated Flattened Beef with Fine Herbs or

Chicken Breast Stuffed with Huitlacoche in a Chili Sauce. I had the chicken and it was good, but it didn't seem like Mexican food, you know? Glad I got my guacamole kick at the buffet line!


Dessert: assorted pastries from the buffet line & 3 types of ice cream/sorbet.


We were seated at several long tables towards the right side/back of the restaurant- there were about 60 of us. When you walk in, the buffet is right in front of you and people can be seated to the right or left of the door. There were not a lot of people there who were not part of the wedding party. On the right side of the restaurant, they seated maybe two couples, they had a handful of people on the other side of the restaurant, but I basically felt like we were alone in there.



Dinner at the Italian Restaurant - The wedding night dinner was at the Italian Restaurant.


Appetizers: a light italian salad, followed by the buffet if you wanted it. There was salmon and pasta there.


Main Course: Filet Mignon or Marinated Poultry Supreme. I got the Filet Mignon and it was yummy, but covered in gravy. It came with a side of spaghetti pasta and a potato that had been sliced and fried. YUMMY!


Dessert: offered in the buffet line and there were raves about it, but I waited for wedding cake.


Wedding cake: the frosting did taste like grocery store frosting, btu the inside was really moist with a layer of pudding inside. I've noticed this is a favorite way to have a cake in Mexico, but it was still yummy. The cake did look really good.



Dinner at the Japanese Restaurant - This was a free night for us and we were trying to get into the French Restaurant but it was booked. The people who did get in (from the wedding) said it was really bad. It took a long time to get your food and it just wasn't impressive.


So back to the Japanese place. YUM!

appetizer: assorted sushi rolls

appetizer, part 2: several options, but I got the tempura which was fab. My assistant got Miso soup. The people across the table got something that needed more sauce because they were borrowing tempura sauce from their friends:)


Main: you have a choice between cooked options or Hibachi. Everyone at the table choose Hibachi. For Hibachi, you can choose, chicken/steak/shrimp/octopus and fried or white rice. There is plenty of food and you can try all four if you want. It was very yummy - minus the octopus which seemed a bit overcooked and rubbery. The fried rice was good too, but need a bit of salt so I splashed some soy on it. The "show" was ok, the chef missed everyone's mouth but they were having a good time with it.


Dessert- buffet choice. Tons of yumminess! I really was into the lemon puffs at this point!



Misc food I ate:


Breakfast @ the Italian restaurant- this is a good breakfast with tons of choices. Hand made donuts & bread, cheeses, make your own omlete, pancakes/waffles/bacon/eggs. There were several make your own (or suggest your own!) that I didn't hit up but there was more to choose from then I have ever encountered for breakfast!


Breakfast at the place near the Lindo Pool: I don't remember the name of this place, but it served the best tacos. It didn't really have breakfast food, more lunch type options. It was a chunk of meat rotating on a skewer and the guy slices it off for you and you have an array of things to put inside your taco. It's amazing!


Room Service: chicken nuggets & the Iberostar pizza. We were starving and it hit the spot. We had a lot of people praise the Iberostar pizza - it was ok:) Room service was prompt.


Late food at the Italian Restaurant: The guide says that you can get a late night snack at the Asian restaurant (which is right next door to the Italian place) until 1am. We decided to check that out- another starving night! Well, it was really in the Italian place (the door was open and no one was there so we wandered in) and there were a few things for us to eat. Some hamburger patties, hot dogs and nachos. It did tide us over. I wish they had more because I didn't want to call room service and bother them, ya know?


Ice Cream at the Ice Cream Bar at the Lindo Pool: MMM ice cream.


snacks at the snack bar- when we got there, we were starving and we starting wandering around looking for food & the beach. We ended up on some random property with the snack bar. It was seriously the oddest combination of food: nachos, pizza, random salads. O well, it was food and I was hungry! There are also little grill stations scattered along the beach that make burgers/hot dogs/nachos. I didn't get a chance to eat at any of them, but they looked very very yummy!

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Originally Posted by morenaindc View Post
Hey there. could you please give me the name and contact number forthe wedding coordinator? id like to see if theyhave my date available (jan 17) but dont know how to get in touch with them.....?


Hey Joy!

"Tony" -Antonieta Muro
Wedding Department
IBEROSTAR Lindo & Maya
(984) 877-2800
Ext. 8348

Nancy (my bride) asked that you tell her that she recommended you. Nancy says she is beyond awesome and wants her to know it!

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Originally Posted by Stina168 View Post
Hi Lynn! I'm curious about the Galaxy disco. Trying to figure out if we want our reception there or the Aqua Bar or if we should rent out the Tropical Restaurant. I heard the Galaxy disco is a bit cheesy. I'd love to get your thoughts on it when you get back! Thank you!
The reception was a the Galaxy Disco but I did not get a chance to go to the Tropical Restaurant.

The Galaxy was a very dark room with high ceilings and black lights. It is decorated with a storm trooper, a yoda, and an R2D2. It's right on that line of funny cheesy. As in, it wouldn't deter me from using it, I thought it was neat to take a picture with a storm trooper. With that said, the location was perfect for the group of people they had at the wedding. There is a large screen in there where they played a growing up slideshow and then the dj choose the music. It was a great mix of current dance music. Like I said, this was a dancing crowd and it was perfect for them.

During the dancing, there were random were music videos on the screens behind you and it was funny to watch. They also had a fog machine, which they fired during their first dance which everyone got a kick out of.

We were definitely the only ones in there until 10pm and then they kicked everyone out. It really felt like they had rented out a club for us and it was fun.

As for the Aqua bar, that is the bar that is across from the reception at the Lindo. It's got a tinge of a pub feel with a large cylindrical fish tank in the middle. There's a huge bar against the back wall and it's all windows/glass doors. I don't know the logistics of them keeping other people out, but it seems like it would make it possible for people to sneak in. I'm not exactly sure if they would be able to set up a place for you to dance or even if you wanted to dance? It's more of a sit down and talk kind of location in my opinion.

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Stina168 the disco is ridiculously cheesy. Its a starwars theme with life sized Yodas and everything.


We rented out the Tropical but they shut you down at about 10:30-11 pm so we headed to the disco for some after partying and had an AWESOME time, but I'm not sure I would want my entire wedding reception there.....My hubby who is a major starwars fan was even amazed at the cheesiness.


The tropical restaurant is quite nice, if you want to see pics go to adamandalla.com and there are a TON under the guest's photo section.

Lynnmichelle, I must be confused, but I thought the Aqua bar was in front of the Tropical Restaurant and it was outdoors. We had our coctail hour at what I thought was the Aqua bar and it was great.

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Thanks for all the info! Maybe there are 2 Aqua bars at the different hotels? I think the official name of the one at the del Mar is La Perla and from the pics I've seen, it's outside by a pool. That's the one I was referring to. I think the Galaxy will be a great place for an "after party" following the reception. I appreciate all your feedback!

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