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Best time of the day have pics taken at the beach

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Originally Posted by leigh miller View Post
anny - whos your photographer? i would ask them. one thing i would suggest if i were shooting it is instead of doing one longer couples shoot, do about 15-20 minutes of shooting before the ceremony and then about 15-20 minutes after - that way you get pics with both lighting conditions.

how long is your ceremony? that time of year the sun will be setting around 8:30? - so the hour or so before would be great. personally i like shooting in bright light too. if you take a look at this album you can see both kinds of lighting -
Album Preview
- go about 7 pages in and see their first meeting - bright sunlight vivid colors. all through the ceremony too. look at the pic of them leaving the ceremony. now go past those a few pages and you will see the light in the hour before sunset. softer more even light. both are fine with me and doable.

leigh, that album is beautiful...wow!!! Every bride can only hope for such beautiful pictures

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Originally Posted by Natalie M View Post
Leigh!!! I love those pictures! where was that wedding at? That is the type of dress i'm looking for that she is wearing!! I hope I find one just like that!!
i mean to tell you to check out nicole miller - Nicole Miller

this is almost exactly what i was looking for when i got married. ugh. kills me. i really wanted this silk monique lhullier halter sheath but couldnt afford it and was too scared to have my seamstress try to copy it. so i went with a strapless lace sheath with a teal sash. nice but not my dream dress sad.gif

life goes on!

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