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I used the freebees! Weddings, Wedding Venues - WeddingWire.com A little clunky as with most template sites...but it works for us.


I can design websites but would never have time to create a site, maintain it plus plan this wedding. So I just used one of the templates and update as needed.


My guest don't use the website as much. I don't have a lot of hits. However, they view my Facebook group more.


So my advice play around with the free ones first, unless you know someone that can design it for you.

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Originally Posted by PynkLemonade View Post
Thanks ladies! I really need to add some more albums and about 2 more pages. I just realized there is no "About the Bride" "About the Groom" page, so I will work on getting that done over the weekend! And if you check it out again, please sign the guestbook, I feel like we (meaning the forum) are all one big happy family anyway!
Your site is awesome! Not a lot to say other than well done!!

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I wrote my own wedding website, which I am super duper proud of, because it's been a long time since I've done that!!

I can see myself getting frustrated with the upkeep, and could possibly end up scrapping it for a free one that you can just plug your info into and voila.... but then again, maybe my pride will win. :o) It was fun to play with anyway, and I like it.



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