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Heidi's One Week Countdown-including planning pictures

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Heidi, I'm so pumped for you!! Have you started packing yet?!


I can't wait to see your pictures either, they will be AMAZING - no worries!

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I'm HERRRREEEE!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh geesh, pictures? I'm so pooped! I'll do my best to get a couple things I haven't posted yet.


Yea, haven't been able to get online during the day - but my probationary period at work is ALMOST over; so in a couple weeks they can't fire me for any reason and I'll get on a little!


It's total crunch time with wedding stuff... I still have a fair bit to do.


And you all better feel SUPER SPECIAL; because I JUST finished packing up 2 bags (both had some OOT bag stuff in them) and I'm going to go open them up and take pics of everything for you! STAY TUNED!! smile159.gif

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