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Any Young and the Restless Fans? **updated with fan site info**

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More...for the week of 7/25. Yes, the tater is about to hit the fan with the whole Nick/Syphillis/Sharon storyline.

Nick will know the truth in the next few weeks I believe. It's all beyond stupid at this point.



Deacon follows through on his agreement with Amber


Amber panics when she realizes how thoroughly Deacon has her trapped


Daniel learns Amber cheated on him... and why


Amber insists she was forced, Daniel doesn't buy it


Daniel reveals that he was on the brink of proposing marriage


Amber insists she'd rather lose Daniel than see him in prison


Daniel and Amber break up


New evidence could be helpful to Daniel's case


Kay and Jill forgive Cane


Jill declares that Cane is still her child in every way that matters


Billy is outraged to learn that Cane is still part of his family


During an argument, Cane sucker punches Billy with the truth


Colleen tells Billy about her boobalicious video - and Victor's reaction


Victoria continues to demand Colleen's resignation


Billy retorts that a public apology is adequate, while a helpless JT stands by


Victoria is adamant - an apology won't do. Colleen must go!


Jill confirms the sad truth - she never wanted Billy as CEO, Victor did


Deeply hurt, Billy rejects his mother


Billy moves to strike back at the man behind all of this


Victor wants to fire JT from his job at Newman


Victoria is caught between her father and her husband


With no way out, Vicki must choose


The Newman board meeting is turned upside down by Billy's accusations against Victor


Ashley is astonished and upset to hear that Victor meddled in Jabot business and the Abbott family again


Victor makes an astonishing confession


An outraged Victor orders Billy to leave


Billy stands up to the great Victor Newman


Summer's struggle to recover agonizes Nick and Phyllis


Nick realizes Sharon was correct: he should put Summer and Phyllis first


Phyllis is cornered between Summer's needs, and her own need to protect her heart from Nick


Nick impulsively asks Phyllis to marry him again


Nick realizes how much he does love Phyllis and that he shouldn't have repeated his previous mistakes with Sharon


A shocked Phyllis considers her options - she loves Nick, but can she trust him?


Sharon grows increasingly troubled by her lies to Jack, but can't see any other options


Phyllis mistakes a stranger for Mary Jane and blows her stack


The poor woman is terrified and wants to call the police


Sharon steps in to smooth over the confrontation, explaining that Phyllis is upset because someone hurt her daughter


Sharon's hunch that Phyllis needs Nick's support is confirmed


Jack, secretly worried about Mary Jane, continues to smother Sharon with attention


Overcome by guilt, Sharon confesses: Nick is the real father


Relieved, Sharon makes plans to go on as a single mother


An outraged Jack lashes out at Sharon's apologies


Jack realizes he has to tell Sharon the truth


Chloe tries to set Mac and Chance up


Chance tells Mackenzie he has a girl in mind already


Phillip cancels his ticket home to Australia when Chance reaches out to him


Chance is leery when Chloe suggests putting the Chancellors on the next Restless Style cover


Mac continues to help Mary Jane


Victor and Jack agree to work together


Nikki and Victor have an atypical conversation


Lily learns that the doctors had to take everything


Bereft, hopeless, and still under the influence of anesthesia, Lily can't absorb the one bright spot left


Lily cries for Cane


Devon arranges for Cane to visit Lily - without telling Neil


The kind minister counsels Lily to trust in love


Lily is overjoyed when Cane tells her that her eggs were harvested after all - she will be able to have a child someday!


Cane promises to stand by Lily


Lily chooses her husband and his love despite Neil's adamant feelings


The ghost of Sabrina Newman speaks to Ashley


Ashley is terrified by Sabrina's portents of doom

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ok, I'm one of the few that likes Nick & Phylis together & loved that they renewed their vows.


Again, Amber & Deacon need to go back to the B&B where they belong. Let's give Daniel a good new woman!


So, any thoughts as to who they 'll have be the surrogate when Cane & Lily try to fertilize one of those eggs they took (you know this is the directions it'll go.)?

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I agree with you, that story line is sooo stupid. But I guess because they are making it look like she is crazy, that is why she could think the baby is still there. Figure it out already.

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