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Bridal shower questions...

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I didn't want showers either because I don't like to be the center of attention...I get nervous and I was nervous about different groups of people meeting, etc...


However..sometimes you don't get what you want and people REALLY want to throw you showers because they love you and care about you, etc...


My first one was this last saturday and 3 of my friends threw it for me. They can't make it to mexico so they really wanted to do this for me.


I didn't want to register but they made me and I did and I got some gifts that I "needed" and some that I love..like lingerie which I don't normally wear but it's nice when you have it to try something new!! wink.gif It was fun.


The next one is in a couple weeks and it's a co-ed one but more of a party/pre-wedding celebration than a shower for the guys sake...so I'm sure it will be fine too.


All my friends kept telling me to stop worrying and enjoy it because it's the only time it will be all about me...so do what you feel you need to. It isn't the worst thing;

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My daughter did not want to have a bridal shower for some of the very same reasons discussed on this thread! However, her very close friends and family decided to throw her a "Bridal Tea" anyways. We had a lovely Brunch at an old fashioned Tea house, attended by her aunts, cousins, FMIL, FSIL, and her two Bridesmaids. There were 25 of us (big family, what can I say) and we had a great time. Dayi has not registered for any gifts, since she feels that people are spending enough money joining her on the Wedding Cruise, so instead of registering she asked that people book on the Cruise. Anyways, keeping the "Bridal Tea" to very close family and just a couple of friends made her feel much more comfortable, and by the way . . . she loved openning all the presents she got!

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