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CD player on the beach??

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First of all, OMG I'm getting married in 2 WEEKS!!


My list of things to do is getting longer somehow...I've only just realized that I need to figure out ceremony music!


I have the songs picked out, but the logistics of it have my head spinning. We're getting married on the beach in Hawaii, and there will be 16 guests. No chairs, a couple flower petals sprinkled for an "aisle," but in general nothing fancy.


We are doing the Sand Ceremony, and I need to come up with a little table to do that...I can't believe how fast all this is happening!


So. Back to my question.


Where will the music come from?! Right now I think I'm just going to pack a travel CD player and use battery power. I mean, what other option is there?!


Where do I put it? Who will press play? Will that designated person press stop or is there a way to fade out? I should print out a sticker with all the info and place it on the player...maybe instruct them to slowly turn the volume down once the timer hits a certain number?


Any other suggestions??




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A lot of gals have done the ipod thing. Where are you getting married? Can someone there run the equipment for you, I know at DC they are use to doing this all the time? If not can you ask someone attending to help you out?

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Do you have a wedding coordinator? That should be the person who handles the starting/stopping of music. If not you may have to delegate the task to a responsible guest.


We used our own CD's but our site had a sound system. I don't think there is anything wrong with using a CD player. I would just make sure the volume goes loud enough to drown out waves/background noise. It may not be the higest quality of sound but you'll be able to hear the music and it will work, so if you don't care I say go for it! Good luck :)

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