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Kids say the funniest things...

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bunny.gifYesterday morning my kids were opening up Easter baskets and my 2 year old son Tomas was playing with his cars and candy, etc.


My FI says, "Tomas - did you tell the Easter Bunny thank you?"


Tomas says "Thank you mommy".


We giggled and FI says "No son, you have to say thank you to the Easter Bunny, not mommy".


Tomas says..."Thank you Easter Mommy!"


I'm in serious trouble...my 2 year old son already has me figured out! angel1.gif

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Oh this makes me think of this past Christmas, when we found out Doug's daughter doesn't believe in Santa anymore. It made us sad sad.gif I'm hoping your 2 yr old was just repeating something he heard, cause everything is so much more fun when they still believe in the magic :)

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