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Creative proposal :)

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Sunday January 20, 2008: We were hanging out at home after having been out to finally buy a new big screen tv (he had wanted one for longer than I have known him). He had suggested for a couple of days that he wanted to play a real live game of Scrabble instead of just facebook scrabulous. I thought it was a good idea since we were hanging out with not much to do. I picked and played first (aioli, hard to do better with all vowels!) and then Paul said he had to show me his letters. I thought it was weird but figured he must have some really messed up letters that he was going to trade in. He turned around his tile holder and it said "marry me." I couldn't believe it! I almost wasn't sure this was real and said something like "seriously? are you sure?" and then I came to my sense and said "obviously yes!" and cried a little bit. I was suprised I did not cry more!!!




Paul then said he did not have the ring but he went to my parents house last week (without me even noticing! way out of character for me!) and had asked for their blessing. He said (quite rightly) that there was no way my mother would be able to hold it in for the 3 weeks the ring was supposed to take. Also it was our 3 year anniversary the next day so the timing was right.


It took a few days after that to get through all the phone calls and tell everyone.


And then the wait for the ring began! lol

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