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They look great! Thanks for posting such detailed instructions! I am really interested in making these and am really nervous about it, so I definitely think this well help. Thank you!!

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Monica, Monica, Monica... GREAT JOB! While I was reading your post, I just kept saying to myself... this girl is reading my mind!


I've been reading thread after thread about BP invites and was debating about taking on this task. I love the concept and want to use it for myself. However, like you, I'm not very savvy when it comes to the various programs (i.e. photoshop). I know the basics. So, I started purchasing a few supplies and printed out my first sample earlier this week. I must say, it didn't come out too bad and that's without fancy paper/envelopes/ribbons. I figured I would work my way up to that level once I officially decide to do this.


I'm still toying with the ticket holder, but once I square that away I think I'm going to go for it. My only concern is the amount of invitations I need (150)... sigh.


You've definitely inspired me. Your BPs came out really nice.



PS... I'm also known for going in circles at Michaels!

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