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Ticker SHOCK!!!!!

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OMG! I have 94 days until my wedding, 87 days until we leave!smile43.gif


I think I've had my first bridezilla moment of panic! How're you doing Morgan?!?!


I've made a list of my left to dos. Please let me know if there is anything I might have forgotten!



Lose at least 20 pounds so I can fit into my bikini

Find someone to alter my dress

Buy shoes, 1 flip flops and 1 pair heels

Find a slip

Buy my bra

Buy a bracelet

Paint parasols (They were slightly the wrong color)

Confirm all boy attire purchases

Find hairstyle & make up I like

Order both rings! CRAP!



Finalize all music selections

Decide on Mento or Steel drum band

Order Streamers

Make programs

Confirm all decor with resort

Purchase/make chair bows

Assign duties to "helpers"

Make Tissue packets

Finish details on Cake topper



Make/buy formal invitations

Order business invites

Make Welcome Books

Write Pre-Travel Letter -- Mail by May 1

Write thank yous for bachelorette and gifts as they come in

Write day of time lines


OOT Bags:

Buy Pashminas

Buy Medications, lip balm, etc.


I think that's it. I feel like I'm forgetting something major!

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Here is my list. I also started this thread 2 months ago. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/t14144 Might help you see if you missed anything.



picked place

found TA

booked our travel

collected addresses

sent out save the dates

took engagement pictures

got dress, shoes, jewelery, veil

picked hairstyle

made website

made logo

designed & put together invitations

planned ceremony music- friend is currently recording it on keyboard

booked photographer & then booked another one :)

started on making cups for OOT bags

made postcards for OOT bags

bought thank you cards

made photo guestbook (and then made it again)

registered for stuff

made hairflower (although I'm working on a better one now)

made pre-wedding brochure for guests who have booked

ordered fans for guests to use during ceremony

most of organizing for group trip to Coba & Charter fishing trip is done

took care of my grandma's passport issues

bought a cheap, used camcorder to record ceremony & the rest of our vacation

bought various sun dresses to wear on vacation

bought white swimsuit

bought snorkel set

OOT bags

sent out invitations

bought bags for flower petals, will buy the petals when we get there

made gift for grandma (photobook)

bought lipstick & lipstick sealer

spanish phrase list (still need to print)

cancun airport letter (still need to print)


To do:

his wedding band (I know where I'm getting it from I just need to know his size)

his outfit for wedding

write vows

decorations for a simple AHF (After Wedding Fiesta) I’m waiting until after Cinco de Mayo to buy them

make CDs for dance after wedding (collect everyone’s first dance songs)

make programs to attach to fans

finish painting cups for OOT bags (waiting for people to book trips)

Make a “meet the guests” brochure (work in progress right now)

Make a welcome letter (work in progress right now)

Book charter fishing & group trip to Coba (waiting on RSVPs, but planning is done)

Get dress hemmed (keep putting this one off)

Finish making bridesmaid gifts (even though I’m not having bridesmaids-this is a work in progress too)

Make a new & improved hairflower (have the flower just need to attach it)

Wrap up wedding music details

Embroidery hankies for our moms (I have the stuff, I just need to learn how to cross stitch)

decide on eye makeup & nail polish



Stuff I’m not doing:

Wedding party

Decorations (other than what the hotel does for our package)

welcome/ rehersal dinner

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