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WARNING: Palmstone Studio

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It was recently brought to my attention that a complaint had been made against me in this forum.  I am Stewart Thomas, artist, calligrapher and proprietor of Palmstone Studio -- palmstone.com. 


At the time I was working with Alyssa I experienced a family emergency.  I am a one person artist-based business.  Alyssa was unhappy, as she notes, that I was not in contact with her regarding the commission of a marriage certificate.  I gave her the option of continuing to work with me and getting a marriage certificate completed and delivered on time for the wedding which was still two months away; or receiving a full refund of her deposit.  She wanted a return of her deposit.


I have just checked my records and a full refund of her deposit, plus $5.00 to pay for any transaction fee, was made to her PayPal account on March 20, 2008.  I also notified her of the transaction via email. 


I work on the honor system and receive only a $100.00 deposit in advance for commissions greater than $300.  The entire remainder is paid when a client receives the finished product.  For all other work, I ask for payment only after work is delivered, with no deposit required.


Best Regards

Stewart J. Thomas


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