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Outside Vendors Shut Out of RIU?

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    Posted 27 March 2008 - 03:38 PM

    What has happened is that they have so much bussiness that they dont really care if someone decides to do the wedding somewhere else and that is why they are not so worried about it now, I guess if all brides start getting upsait about this that they might be more flexible with it but since very few complaint then that is why they have not made changes "yet".

    I have been able to go in with the day pass that the brides have gotten for me ($70 USD) and had no issues to go in. Infact in a few occations I have forgotten to put on the bracelet that I am supposed to have on and no one has said anything, but I did have the day pass paid just in case someone said something.

    If you go in the hotel with the day pass and if you act like if you know where you are going I dont think anyone will say anything or at least that is my story.

    The RIU hotels love making money from vendors and so that is why they have a photographer that they have a contract with and the deal with the photographer and other vendors is that they would have all of the weddings for them to shoot, or at least that is the deal. But they know that some brides dont fall for that deal so they know that some brides will pick a photographer of their choice and they have to be ok with that but they always try to put a brake on outside vendors specially if the wedding is small and so they try to scare the brides into thinking that their rules are solid and this they usually try to do it to weddings that are very small, they will also try to pull it off on bigger weddings but they know that on bigger weddings the bride might be less willing to go with what the hotel tells them so they will try to get away with what they can.

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