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I'm a wanna be TammyB (long for no reason)

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#21 TammyB

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    Posted 19 March 2008 - 08:22 AM

    Kate you made my day. Their are not too many people in this world who would have stopped what they were doing to make sure the stray dog ended up safe, not only that but you found the owners. You truely did a wonderful thing, THANK YOU..

    BTW, I keep dog treats in my car at all times, along with a spare slip leash. Their was this one time when we were driving home for lunch and we seen two dogs running stray together, you could tell one was older and really tired but trying to keep up with the younger one. The younger one was barking and growling at us if we tried to approach him. But the poor old guy just wanted a nice warm place to rest, so I opened up our car door and he jumped right in and layed down. The younger one jumped right in after him and was fine from that point on.

    You stayed calm, and proved to the dog that you weren't their to harm him, that was the best thing you could have done.

    #22 Christine

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    Posted 19 March 2008 - 08:28 AM

    what a great story and yes TammyB you are a doggy hero! I hope that if my dogs ever get lost someone like you or Kate is around to call us and wait with them.
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    #23 PaulaV

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      Posted 19 March 2008 - 09:03 AM

      You brought tears to my eyes Kate!
      So sweet of you to make sure she got back to her owner.
      Yes TammyB is the rescue queen and is obviously rubbing off on members of the forum :)

      You really makde be laugh about having pig's ears at the office!
      Eww, but lucky for the poochie! Hehe!

      #24 becks



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        Posted 19 March 2008 - 09:10 AM

        Gold star for Kate!!! You and TammyB are so awesome! I could never do it. I'd have a house full of doggies so fast your head would spin. I love them all, and I want them all!

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        #25 ~Melissa~


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        Posted 19 March 2008 - 09:43 AM

        I agree - I don't know how Tammy does it. I'm like you Kate, after even a few hours I get emotionally attached to animals. I love dogs, cats and even some birds (the ones that don't creep me out).

        You are such a sweetie, Kate. I don't know many people who would wait that long... most people would get frustrated and leave the poor thing.

        I feel like doing a "cheers" to you and Tammy, you're both great women!

        #26 LisaG

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          Posted 19 March 2008 - 09:45 AM

          Aaaww what a great story Kate. That was very nice of you to take care of the dog while his owner came to get him. So sweet! That story brought tears to my eyes.
          TammyB - you are rubbing off on people

          #27 ACDCDCAC

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          Posted 19 March 2008 - 09:55 AM

          kate, you just plain rock. that was so cool of you! doug is like that too, we always have stray cats at our house that we name and feed, cause doug doesn't want them to starve.
          i bet that man is so so happy you did that, what if he got home and he would have had no idea what happened to her. that would have been so sad. you're his hero!

          #28 A10CalGal

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            Posted 19 March 2008 - 11:14 AM

            Awwww - great story Kate. I'm so glad you rescued that dog. And I'm also glad you found his owner.

            I am a total bleeding heart when it comes to lost/abandoned animals - I got that from my mom for sure. I used to do the same thing Maria talked about - sitting patiently waiting for a stray cat or dog to finally approach me & make friends.

            Ahhh, you are a good person. And I totally love that you have an office supply of pig ears!

            #29 *JillD*

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              Posted 19 March 2008 - 07:57 PM

              what a great story! Imagine what could have happened to that poor dog if you hadn't stayed, you did a great thing!

              #30 angitalia23

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                Posted 21 March 2008 - 06:20 PM

                Thats a good story!
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