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Travel Security Pouch/Safe

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I'm hoping someone has an idea of what I'm referring to. Saw these last year on Ebay, but now I can't remember the name of them.


They are a steel mesh pouch that has a steel cord that can be locked around a bathroom pipe, head board..anything thats bolted down to secure your belongings when you're traveling. The pouch itself can't be cut through and neither can the cord. I thought it was a great idea in that you can basically hide your valuables in plain site and unless a thief wants to take the time to saw through a bathroom pipe or whatever, they can't be stolen.


Anyone seen them or know what I'm talking about? I'm driving myself crazy trying to remember.


Nevermind...found 'em. These are worth looking into for those of us traveling with wedding bands, passports, cash or whatever. Very cool. Check them out:

Pacsafe Anti-Theft Bags & Travel Security Products

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i think it's great that you mentioned Pacsafes! Not very many people know about them. They are a good deterrent against not only people trying to take your things, but also against people trying to use you as a mule to smuggle drugs across customs (which I hear is a real possiblilty in SE Asia). My FI and i plan on using them in the future when we back pack through other countries.

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