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ROR Review!!!

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Ok letâ€s try this again! First I want to say “I WANT TO GO BACK!!!†It is rainy and cold here in St. Louis. It was beautiful in Jamaica. It was always 80â€s, sunny, and no rain! Everything was perfect. I will try my best to tell you everything. If I forget please ask me anything.


Meeting with Chandlyn:

First thing is she is the busiest woman ever. She told me that she has made her self sick with exhausting and now has an assistant. She does 3 weddings a day and is worked to death. I told her about this site and she was happy to hear it helped. I only had to email her once with questions. So when we checked in on Monday I set up a time to meet with her on Tuesday. When we meet we discussed all the details. We ended up paying the extra $200 for the bamboo arch with the white tool. It was worth it to us. We also talked about the flavor of cake and the music. We just did the chocolate cake with no rum and the CD player to the traditional music. I made my own flowers so we didnâ€t need to do anything with that. She told me to bring her the sand ceremony things and vowes and she kept them until the wedding. I brought Chandlyn a lotion set as her gift. We didnâ€t tip her with $.



I had my hair done in the spa. She did a great job. I took her a picture and she whipped my hair right up. It stayed all day. I did tip her.


My dress:

I did not get it steamed at home. I was planning on doing it there and hoping the moisture would take out the wrinkles. When we met with Chandlyn I mentioned getting it steamed and she didnâ€t seem really confident about sending it off the resort and getting it back on time and the moisture wasnâ€t doing the trick. It was really wrinkly. The night before the wedding I made the bathroom a steam room and that helped a little. The day of the wedding I didnâ€t even think about the wrinkles but wish I would have gotten it steamed at home. Just a note for you.



I made my own flowers at home and brought them with me.


Before the ceremony:

Chandlyn told me she would come and get me. I was waiting in my room for ever so I went to the end of the hall and was looking at the ocean. It was taking a while and I was getting nervous she wasnâ€t coming. Her assistant then came up and said she had been calling my room and we went quickly down to the beach. I should have clarified this before. It worked out fine.


The Ceremony:

We chose the CD player. The cords did not bother me. You really didnâ€t notice them. I choose the traditional music to walk to. I was walking so fast to get to the alter they had to tell me to slow down to get a good picture. I was a balling mess!! I got to the alter and all three of us (me, my FI, and his son) stood side by side most of the time. The vowes went so fast. I did not choose them. We then went to the table to do the sand ceremony. I gave Chandlyn the vowes the day we met. This was the first time the minister had read them. He did a great job. We then all pored the sand in the bottle. Then we signed the document. We then walked back to the alter and finished the ceremony there. We then went right into pictures.


Pictures and Video:

Both were SO WORTH IT!!! We used Michael and he did an excellent job. He told us what to do, where to stand, etc… He kept us moving in the hot sun! It went quickly and we got about 275 pictures. We didnâ€t feel the need to have extra time. At dinner there was a photographer that was walking around that did take quite a few pictures at dinner. We did not purchase them because the ceremony was more important to us and we just took our own. But if you were to purchase them you would only pay for the pictures not the extra time. If this is important to you I wouldnâ€t bank on him being there though. Any way we ended up purchasing more pictures than we planned because it was so hard to choose.


During the day:

That day we were all so burnt from the day before that we didnâ€t want any sun. It ended up being a little cloudy and we sat in the shade on the beach and just kind of hung out all day. We then went back and got changed for dinner at 6:30.



Chandlyn reserved the Mamme Bay Steak house for us. It was very nice. The soup and salad was a buffet. The main course they bring to you. Our server was very nice. We did tip him. He also brought us the cake. It was 2 tiers with a few flowers on it. Much nicer than I thought it would be. It didnâ€t seem like chocolate so I asked. He didnâ€t know and asked around. I didnâ€t care that much it was semi FREE. I just didnâ€t want to take the girls cake that was next to us. They finally said it was ours and we ate it. It was good and we had 7 people with plenty left over. The photographer was not there when we cut the cake but came right after and took some good pictures. We could have waited for him but didnâ€t really care. After diner we changed and also changed rooms.


Room upgrade:

We talked about this with Chandlyn when we met with her. She checked and they said it wouldnâ€t be until the day of the wedding that we could move. That was fine with me. When I called the front desk about it they told me they didnâ€t have a room with a better view and it wasnâ€t any bigger. I said forget it. Then Chandlyn called and said she did have a room. I told her what the desk to me and she said come look. I did and decided we would be moving. The new room was much bigger and had a huge Jacuzzi tub in the middle of the room. Also the view was right at the ocean. I couldnâ€t say no. They only bad thing is that the front desk did not note it or something because the night before we left I went to ask all the specifics about getting to the airport and they had no clue. Apple vacations had sent all the information to our old room, so it got kind of confusing. We did figure it out and thank goodness we checked the night before. The morning after the wedding they brought us breakfast in bed. We didnâ€t end up eating it because it was so early. We were still sleeping. It looked good though.



I am so glad we brought travel mugs to put our drinks in. We would have lost lots of weight just walking back and forth to keep getting drinks. They will fill it up for you or you can get the little cups they have. We also had kids with us so we did some activities off the resort and snorkeled from the resort. If you plan on doing the Dunnâ€s River Falls (I recommend it) check to see if it is included with any other packages. For example we did the falls the first day and later that week we did the dolphin cove (also worth it) and paid separate for each. If we would have done the Dolphin cove first Dunnâ€s river is included. It would have saved us $80. We snorkled from the resort 3 times. It was so much fun. The first time we did the glass bottom boat and snorkeled and then found out that they take you out to snorkel on the glass bottom boat. It would have saved us about $30. It all adds up. Use your own judgment on who you want to tip. My FI was more likely to tip them if they were not pushy about it. That was hard to come by. A few nights on the resort they had venders come with some items to sell. This was nice to get some souvenirs. You can bargain with them. The entertainment at night was a lot of fun. A couple nights the kids didnâ€t enjoy it as much but it was something to sit and watch. The beach party was a lot of fun! A must see.


I think I covered almost everything. If I think of anything else I will post it. Also again if you have questions I am more than glad to answer. I could talk about Jamaica and the ROR all night. We want to move there one day for sure!!


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Congrats again! Thanks for the wonderful review. I'm glad everything went well for you. :) Your wedding pictures were beautiful and you looked amazing. So exciting!


My only other general question about the trip and wedding would be whether you would change anything?

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I would not change a thing. It really was everything and more than i dreamed. I went to Hobby Lobby a craft store here and got the flowers and arranged them myself. They had the real touch flowers and i was lucky they were 50% off. i only spent $80 for everything. My bouquet, 2 bridgesmaids and 4 bouts. It didn't take me very long I had an idea of what i wanted.

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