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Agape Gems

Question for fellow black brides Re: hair plans

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I did my big chop back in June, so I'm fully natural now. I was in Jamaica in October and I was pleasantly surprised. All of the sisters in the salon ha beautiful hair, relax, pressed, twists, locs and braids. It made me feel a lot better about having them do my hair. I'm thinking I'm going to wear twists the day before and do a twist-out up do for the wedding.

I don't think I'll try to flat iron or press it, I haven't tried it yet and can't imagine trusting anybody to it...an updo I think I can trust them with.

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Thanks for all the suggestions and ideas land...MOST IMPORTANT! Thanks for starting this thread. I still have not decided on what I am going to do with my hair.


I thought of a weave also (no glue) but a nice weave is expensive. I love the idea of the tree braids, I am going to research that more. However, I am dealing with hair loss in the front and think braids may damage the already fragile hair. :-(


When I vacation to the carribean, I normally do the wet and wavy but I don't want that for my wedding. I will not be able to get the ideal style I want.


In that I'll be in DR, I thought I may be able to get a Dominican blow out...but what am I going to do when I enjoy the water activities....wew!! Just stressed thinking about what I'm going to do. Anyway, my wedding is in July so I need to start trying new style like NOW.


Also, any Jamaican brides in Negril area, I have a friend and her husband is Jamaican. She went to a local shop for her wedding day...so if you need a referral I can try to get you one.

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