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Melia Caribe Tropical: Q&A Related specifically to this hotel

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Hey everyone!


First of all, I am SO glad I found these forums. My fiancee and I are just starting to research resorts in Punta Cana, and it can be very overwhelming!


My TA sent me rates today for 3 resorts in PC - the Paradisus PR, Paradisus PC, and the Melia Caribe. The Melia seems to be the most affordable for our guests, so I was wondering if anyone has been there or knows anything about it.

The user photos on tripadvisor (love this site) look beautiful, and since it's connected with the Paradisus chain I figure it must be nice.


Also, does anyone know if you can bring your own photographer to many of these resorts? I have a close working relationship with a photog. here at home, and would love to bring him to take pictures of our trip and the wedding.


Thanks in advance for all responses, and I look forward to being part of this forum!



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I've stayed at the Melia Caribe last year in May for a long weekend and I loved it. I don't know where the wedding would actually be though since I didn't see many areas condusive to that but the service was great, food was pretty good (though getting reservations at their restaurants was a bit of a tricky thing but on vacation, you tend to care less and just take it as it comes, at least I do) and the beach was gorgeous. Their beach is actually topless (I won't say either way whether I participated in the liberation) though so it's not really kid friendly but fun for adults. The main pool there is awesome too. All in all, I'd give it an 8 in rating.

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I'm not getting married at the Melia but i'm getting married next door at the Palma Real. My parents stayed at the Melia about 4 years ago. They said the hotel was beautiful. They had no complaints. My mom had lobster two nights in a row. The only weird thing, when they asked for sausage for breakfast one morning, they were served hotdogs. My parents just thought it was funny. That kind of thing is expected when you go away though.

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We are getting married at the PAradisus Punta Cana and honeymooning at the Palma Real. We looked at the Melia, but I was afraid it was too much of a "wedding factory" resort, with more than one wedding day. That's just me -- I don't want to worry about running into another bride/bridal party on our big day. But I've heard the resort is very nice!!!

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Hi everyone,


Thought I would open a thread specifically for those getting married at the Melia Caribe Tropical in Punta Cana, DR. I was thinking we could use this thread for Q&A related specifically to the Melia Caribe Tropical.



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So I guess I will start the ball rolling...


What type of wedding packages do they have?


Based on 2008 information I got from the coordinator they offer 3 types:


* Free Symbollic - if you stay in the Royal Suites Section and have less than 12 guests

* Tides - includes semi-private reception for up to 24 guests - ~$1200 US

* Tropical Fairy Tale - includes private reception for up to 24 guests ~1600 US


These prices are without the extra's (Horse & Carriage, Trio, beach dance floor, extra people, etc.).


How do you book?


Nonrefundable deposit is 35% of the package you choose due when you request your date, ceremony type and location sent via wire transfer or cheque to name specified in the Celebrations PDF. Also there are two forms to be completed (one in excel with wedding details and the other is the official contract between you and the resort).


PM me if you want the full details. I can send you the PDF with the full details for 2008 Packages.

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